Photo cred – Grey van der Meer

Driving in Toronto absolutely sucks. During the late hours of the night it ain't so bad, but it gets pretty shitty during the daytime. The way to master the art of driving in Toronto is to have a balance between both patience and aggressiveness. While you may need to force your way through pedestrians and other drivers almost all the time, you'll also need patience to keep you sane while driving in the city.

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Attempting to get in/out of parking lots

With being in the downtown core comes pedestrians, and with pedestrians come people who give no fucks about drivers. The fact that U of T, Ryerson, OCAD, and George Brown are all located downtown doesn't help (darn you, pedestrian students).

When cyclists don't follow the rules

Driving on Bloor is great because of the bike lanes. Driving anywhere else, not so much. If you're going to bike on the roads, pay attention and follow the rules of the road! We don't want to hit you either.

Assholes who try to pass and cut everyone off

You can see from far behind all the cars parked on the right lane. I know your dirty tricks. I'm looking at you, Mr. Porsche.

Photo cred – James Schwartz

When people block the intersection

Yes, we know you're in a rush to get somewhere. So are the rest of us. Please stop blocking the damn road.

People who left-signal at the last minute

... Or people who don't signal at all. Had I known you were going to do this wicked act, I would've changed lanes. Thanks for letting me know!

Construction on Adelaide/Richmond

Merging from four lanes into one or two lanes is not fun. Turning a ten minute drive into a half hour drive is not fun.

Traffic in general

Man oh man oh man. Front Street during rush hour, no thank you.

Parallel parking on Queen Street West

Too many cars. Too many jaywalkers. Can't do this. Help.

Photo cred – donert



Merging onto the DVP

Whether you're coming from the 401 eastbound, 401 westbound, or the 404 southbound, it is absolute torture. Tip for those of you in a rush: if you're on the 404 southbound, stay in the right lane until the HOV lane ends, then switch to the left lane. Crappy thing to do, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Drivers who don't check their blind spots on the DVP

Making my way downtown, crying hard because you almost rammed your car into mine.

Taxis that don't know how to share the road

Okay, we understand – your time is money. But, is it honestly going to kill you to let one car change into your lane when it's a red light anyways??? N-o-o-o-o-o.

Trying to get onto the Gardiner Expressway during rush hour

Please, no, somebody wake me from this terrible nightmare.