13 Ways To Ensure You Won't Get Into A Toronto Nightclub

Just Shh.
13 Ways To Ensure You Won't Get Into A Toronto Nightclub

Toronto is fortunate enough to have an exciting and massive nightlife scene. There's always something to do, always somewhere to go and always someone to meet.

 Many popular venues get packed so easily because our city is full of life. That's why sometimes much frustration builds up when it comes to getting into a club. Here's a list of no go liners you should avoid saying to the front door man:

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1.  Provide false I.D.

If you're not old enough to have an alcoholic beverage, go home. Security guards at the front door aren't airheads and know how to identify fake I.D's. It's their job to eye out lil children.

2. Beg to get in without I.D

Why would an establishment risk losing their license because of you? It's your own fault for leaving your I.D at home. If you're that desperate to get in, take an uber and come back when you've got it.

3.  Show up wasted AF.

If you can't stand on your own feet, you're not getting in. It's that simple, don't show up hammered to a bar/club. There's no way you're stepping a foot in the door

4. Come in with a group of guys.

There's no need for a rooster fest at any bar/nightclub. Realistically would you like to be surrounded by a bunch of guys? There always needs to be a balance. Use your pick up lines, recruit some girls y0.

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5. Expect to get in with 20 people.

You won't get VIP access just because you came with a group of people. Don't get upset if you get denied entry - make a reservation ahead of time.

6. "But I know the owner!!!"

This is the easiest way to frustrate a front door man. If the owner actually knows you, there shouldn't be a problem for you to get in.

7. Ring off the phones of owners, promoters and staff members.

The chances of someone answering your phone calls are really low unless you're super important. Arrange your plans for the night ahead of time and don't "call me on my cell phone."

8. Ask the bouncer for someone who doesn't even work there.

"I know Stephanie, she's the head bartender." Lies, lies, lies and you're full of sh*t, Stephanie doesn't exist. Everyone knows each other, who works with each other, ok.

9. My friends are inside.

Tell your friends to come and get you, or wait for your turn - that's that.

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10. Bribe the bouncer with $$$.

You're 20$ is a complete joke, so save yourself the embarrassment unless you've got $1000 to spare - meaning you're super desperate.

11. Bragging about your spendings.

"I'll be spending a grand no problem." No one cares how many bottles you're getting until you actually get them.

12.Skip the line.

I'll give you a hint, you won't even make it in.

13. Try to get back in after you've been kicked out.

You got kicked out for a reason, whether you started a fight or puked all over the dance floor. Mow down a burrito and go home, your night is over.

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