You work hard, you get your nails done, hair done - you get everything did. And you're telling me that you're going to go to the SAME bar as the past 3 weeks? HELLO! You know what's waiting, some pricey beer served with a side of awkward run-ins with that person you hooked up with last week with that at that very bar (who you may or may not have told you we're leaving the country that's why they couldn't grab your digits).

We live in Toronto people! World famous rappers, athletes, city counselors (#wethenorm), and artists call the six their home. We got more options than your basic night out to the bar, so the real question isn't should I go out? But where?! We got so many exciting options in this constantly bumping city that there will be something for every kind of BFF to switch up their game. You gotta stay on your toes after all, as fellow Torontonians we just can't let you guys reduce your night to a *gasp* basic outing. You two are better than that!

So go out! Grab your bestie and hit the city that'll never stop surprising you, and who knows? Maybe you'll find out something new about your friend that'll up your superstar friendship level one notch higher. Best friends deserve the best, and especially a pair as unreal as you two. Check out these places for a good laugh, plenty of opportunities to drop it like, and places to up your wild night out game to a level way beyond basic. From unreal bars, wild clubs, and activities we can only explain as an experience - you'll be glad you checked these out.

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1. Let the world know your hips don't lie and Salsa dance at El Convent Rico

Unabashedly, outrageously, and hilariously shake what your mama gave you all night long at El Convent Rico. Known as easily one of the most fun bars in the city, this College Street gem is known for its wild music and their even wilder crowd. Welcoming to everyone and anyone, head here on Friday for Fabulous Fridays! Learn to salsa with Bailando Con Cubanito, and why not head back the next night for an unforgettable drag show?! Try topping that with your basic bar.

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2. Let your love for Whiskey take over at Allen's 

340 Whiskeys available and one of the best burgers in the city? Yes, please. Allen's is not only a restaurant but an institution on the Danforth. They get naturally raised or organic meats from farmers in the area, and they also thrive off their daily-changing menu to give you the best local specialties. But back to the seemingly endless alcohol selection at this Irish-themed pub that'll send your night to the next level. Choose from 340 whiskeys, over 100 types of wine (the largest all VQA wine list ever assembled!!), or 140 beers, sit back and take in the legendary Allen's.

*They also have a stunning patio for those warm months!!!*

Want to up your knowledge a little bit more? Try a whiskey tasting tour with Toronto Food Tours! Guaranteed to leave you full of good food, knowledge, and the finest whiskey served in the 6ix.

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3. Get your trivia nerd on at the undeniably hip 3030 Dundas West's Trivia Night

Don't just go to a bar and sit there making awkward eye contact with people, why not go to one of the coolest spots the junction has to offer for their hilarious trivia night! Aside from their amazing live music and hip feel, every Wednesday the owner sneaks in his high-school teacher skills, bringing in a Trivia Night (but don't worry, unlike your grade ten tests, you'll actually want to answer these questions). Sip some carefully selected craft beer while you test out some of your knowledge with your bestie. Starts at 8pm every Wednesday! But why not get there a little earlier and make it an outing? Especially since that outing will include an unreal tapas style menu that's lead by the former chef of Grand Electric. You'll get a gourmet meal to fuel your brain for an awesome night out!

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4. Hang out in the coolest basement in the city at Junction City Music Hall 

Throw it back to when you two used to hang out in your parent's basement every weekend, except 100 times better, and much, MUCH, cooler. Junction City Music hall is a hole in the wall bar that brings people in with live Indie bands, sick arcade games, and a ~groovy~ feel in this basement venue. You'll feel like you've entered an exclusive club (with cover for only 5 dollars). Get one of their on-tap cocktails that's made according to the theme of each night, or relax in this "unpretentious" atmosphere with a delicious craft beer. Head over for the vibe, for some live music, live band karaoke night with Good Enough, some Peeler's Playhouse Burlesque, or one of their other awesome events.

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5. Treat yourselves like royalty Her Majesty's Pleasure 

What's better than spending your night at a crowded, overpriced bar? How about getting pampered at a salon/spa that doubles as a cocktail bar? We'll take the latter. You and your BFF can spend a different kind of night on King West in a space designed to make you feel royalty from the second you walk in. Besides serving up lattes, craft cocktails, and sweet treats - you can also indulge in one of their exquisite spa treatments. From getting a blowout, manicure, massage, rejuvenating facial or brow shaping, you two will feel even more glamorous than when you walked in (as if you that's possible).

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6. Up your movie night and catch a flick at TIFF Bell Lightbox

It's celebrity central for a couple weeks every year, so obviously, it's the rightful place for you and your BFF to spend the night. Take your traditional theater experience up a notch and catch an indie, foreign, or traditional film in this fantastic complex. Beyond the movies, TIFF has some amazing events throughout the year beside the main festival- they offer movie talks, they bring Canadian and international films and artists to countries across the country, hold an industry conference, and have various exhibitions for the year from BOOMBOX to digiPlaySpace. They're even a charitable organization that has many events/programs dedicated to helping families with financial challenges as well as helping mental health clients. What does that mean for you? You can put your hard earned money to an amazing space, and you get to enjoy a world class film experience in return! T

Start your night off at the famous Oliver and Bonacini's Cafe and Grill right beside TIFF!

7. Embrace the Rodizio tradition and indulge in all-you-can-eat BBQ while watching some insane live Capoeira at Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse

This may just be the most entertaining meal you two will ever eat together. And we're not talking some low key dinner and a show entertainment, not here. Ask anyone about this spot in Old Toronto and all you'll get is rave reviews about the amazing service and atmosphere. Serving up all you can eat Brazilian BBQ at a fixed price menu, you'll also enjoy some wild live entertainment. With this (optional) interactive performance, switch up your normal dinner outing and make this an experience you won't soon forget!

8. Let your inner lumberjack out and go axe throwing at BATL Grounds

"Ya you know, we just went axe throwing." Not hardcore unless you live hardcore much?!!!? Let your inner badass out and head here with your BFF that you (hopefully) don't do on a daily basis. With their awesome staff that'll turn you into a warrior lumberjack (is that a thing?), you guys will have a blast trying to get the hang of this random skill. Go with a big enough group and you can even have a tournament for the ultimate game night!

9. Learn how to really drop it like it's hot at City Dance Corps

Ever get to the club and don't know what the f*ck to do with your body? Do I pop? What's locking? Should I bop, head nod, where do I put my hands!??!? Worry no more, because you and your BFF are going to have a hilarious time learning some new moves (or attempting) at City Dance Corps. They want to inspire you to find your own way to live by dancing more and more, and that's exactly the vibe you'll get after one of their classes - you won't want to stop grooving. Located in the heart of downtown, with vibrant instructors and a fun crowd try your hand at one of their drop in classes for a new night out tradition! If you like it you guys can enroll in one of their ongoing classes!

10. Get your inner wine snob out in the most civilized way at Midfield Wine Bar & Tavern

What's better than a bar you ask? A wine bar. And we're not just saying pick out any wine bar, for a truly fantastic night head to this authentic wine bar - perfect for even the pickiest of BFFs. While you delve into food (that seriously live up to the phrase quality over quantity) like tender beef, deep-fried cauliflower with za'atar, celery root gnocchi and so much more, you can appreciate the world-class wine selection. Even better? The entire wine menu is for the glass, so you don't have to buy multiple bottles for you both to try out this stunning selection!

11. Stay in and order better sushi than you would have got if you went out from Sushi Couture

Sometimes all you really need for a good night out is by having a great night in. But don't just settle for your basic delivery, it's time to go couture on your food scene to make your BFF night in that much more amazing. The restaurant has gotten rave reviews for its fresh and complex fish variety, making it a stand out in a sea of sushi restaurants around the city. The menu also changes daily based on what the chef thinks will work best! Because at the end of the day it comes down to this, do you want to spend 40 dollars for an Uber (there and back) to the club, or be in your sweatpants eating sushi with your number one? That's what we thought. They delivery around the Annex, but they also provide take out if you are outside the limit, and it's worth the extra drive.

12.Try striking out at a bowling alley instead of a bar at The Ballroom Bowl

This bumping spot on John is a great way to switch up the bar scene while adding that classic bowling alley twist that we all know and love. But wait, don't bowl? Get one too many strikes? Not to worry. This huge two-floor facility also offers some unreal casual food, ping pong, foosball, a live stage, 60 plus LED TVs, bubble hockey, pool tables, AND 4 bars. What does that mean? You and your BFF can basically relive your childhood dream in a much classier and hilarious way in this downtown gem!

13. Stitch 'n Bitch to your heart's content at The Workroom

That's right, knitting just got a little more exciting. Take this life long craft to the next level and head here with your BFF for a laid back night get crafty, and well, bitchy. The staff are known for being extremely kind and laid back, and the welcoming atmosphere will give you a nice switch up from your regular routine. Grab your needles, or just bring yourself and your BFF and they'll provide all you need for a fantastic night. Bonus! It's free! They meet every second Tuesday of the month, so grab your BFF and get ready for the inauguration of a new tradition.

Event info here!

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