13 Ways To Spruce Up Your First Apartment

It's time to adult.
13 Ways To Spruce Up Your First Apartment

So you're a grown up now. You've paid first and last, the lease is signed and that bland, sterile, eggshell white apartment is all yours. Now, what? As much of a daunting task as cozying your first space is, in the end, it is always worth giving it your all. Here are our top easy DIY design ideas for your very first apartment.

1. Accent Walls

Looking to immediately transform your space? If you've moved into an apartment where the walls are whiter than your mother's dance moves, it's time to think about a splash of colour. An accent wall is a perfect way to do so, without requiring you to paint the entire room and break the bank.

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2. Canopies

We often forget that lighting is key to creating ambiance and mood in a room. An easy way to immediately give a room a warm, lived in feeling is to set up a canopy over your rooms ceiling light fixture. By diffusing the light and playing with shadows, your apartment will feel instantly cozier.

3. String Light Accents

A mainstay of dorm rooms and first apartments alike, string light accents (tastefully done), can be a whimsical addition to any space. Stuff them in a potted plant in the corner, or drape them through your curtains for a warm glow.

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4. Mirror Walls

Your first apartment will probably be cramped, and it's important to maximize the space you've been given. Mirrors, strategically placed, create depth and make your tiny apartment look as if it were a lot bigger. Also, they're great for taking selfies.

5. Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are the perfect way to make any space feel cozy and lived in. Arrange one beside your bed above the nightstand or on an accent wall in the living room.

6. Floor Coverings

The one thing you absolutely cannot change about your first apartment are the floors. But no matter, because even the most hideous of tile can be covered with a chic throw. Incorporate patterns that gel with your colour scheme to give a cohesive look to your space.

7. TV Unit Art

The focal point of every living room in the 21st century is the television. So why not spruce it up? Do away with ugly cords and tacky fixtures and accessorize the tube to make it a dazzling display even when it's turned off.

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8. Curtains

Nothing says "I have my shit together", like a plush window curtain instead of some tacky broken plastic blinds. They also double as a daytime nap/hangover blinder to shut out every last bit of sunshine when you're sleep deprived from a night of debauchery.

9. Plant Accents

An essential component to every space is bringing a little bit of the outside in. Plants make the perfect decor accessories and often make your space feel lush and comfortable. Hang some from the ceiling for an unorthodox vibe or simply stick one in the corner of the room, either way, it will add texture and colour instantly.

10. Tapestries

Too lazy to paint or put up wallpaper? Simple. Buy a tapestry. They are extremely inexpensive and can completely transform the look of a space within seconds.

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11. DIY Fixtures

Try hanging some multicoloured yarn or flowers on string from a branch or stick suspended on a wall. This is an inexpensive and vibrant statement piece for any room of your new pad.

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12. Washi Tape Accents

Washi tape can spruce up just about any surface in your home. Add it to the trim in your cupboards, on your cutting board, or even on your salt and pepper shakers to add some colour and fun to your space.

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13. Wallpaper Resurfacing

Take any boring old appliance or surface and completely reinvent its look with temporary wallpaper. Instructions here.

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