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14 Celebrity Instagrams That Are Relatable As Hell

These celebs are just like us.
14 Celebrity Instagrams That Are Relatable As Hell

Is there any better feeling than when you can relate to a celebrity? Sure we love judging them, but when you are your favourite celeb like the same chips you feel like you have a personal bond. There is just something about knowing that they're an awkward human being just like you (but with millions in the bank).

Since we're a generation that's obsessed with social media, what better way to connect than Instagram? With a simple double-tap of the thumb, you can give love to your favourites star and see some of the inner workings of their lives. Think of it as a way to get the inside scoop on Hollywood life!

If you need some new pages to freshen up your feeds look no further. Here are 14 of the most relatable celebrities to follow on Instagram to get a taste of realities of being a celebrity.

Chelsea Peretti // @chelsanity

Follow for: Funny captions, tons of mirror and dog pics, plus pics with her funny-man husband Jordan Peele. This Brooklyn 99 star keeps the laughs coming even on Insta.

Anna Kendrick // @annakendrick47

Follow for: The ultimate relatable feed. Although it's not normal for the average joe to hit up the red carpet, Anna's captions and reactions to her celebrity life makes her one of our favourite pages!

Chrissy Teigen // @chrissyteigen

Follow for: Lots of food and baby pictures that we can't get enough of. Although having a private jet and musician for a husband isn't necessarily relatable, Teigen's witty commentary about her life is to die for!

Ed Sheeran //@teddysphoto 

Follow for: With some weird and downright hilarious pictures, Ed Sheeran is literally the perfect example of a relatable celebrity. Definitely a must follow to see the inner workings of one of the top pop-stars of this decade.

Adele // @adele

Follow for: Pictures of the queen Adele in real life. Her black and white theme is gorgeous while she posts pictures from shows, working out, and bare face selfies. We love Adele for being so real and we know you will too.

Taylor Lautner // @taylorlautner 

Follow for: Super cute pic's of him and Billie Lourd while also making him the most relatable human on the planet. We love his sense of humour and realistic pics.

Mandy Moore // @mandymooremm

Follow for: Lots of throwbacks, behind the scenes shots, and #ootd pics. Mandy Moore will always be our girl crush and being open on Instagram is definitely one of the reasons why.

Lorde // @lordemusic

Follow for: A look at Lorde's life as a young woman who just also happens to be a celebrity. All of her pics are too cute but show just how down to earth she is.

Lena Dunham // @lenadunham

Follow for: Inspirational quotes, realistic body images, and some of the most hilarious captions known to man. Lena shows us that awkwardness can happen even when you're a famous actress, director, and producer.

Zac Efron // @zacefron

Follow for:  Check out Zac Efron's funny selfies, behind-the-scenes set shots, and action pics. You can get a closer look at the life one of Hollywood's hottest stars while also feeling like you know him better!

Kaley Cuoco // @normancook

Follow for: Tons of animal pic's and cool group shots with the rest of the Big Bang Theory cast. Plus get a close up look at Kaley's horse competitions!

Ashley Tisdale // @ashleytisdale

Follow for: Ashely's killer style and make-up looks. She regularly posts inspirational quotes, cute photos of her dog, and vintage pics that make her insta aesthetic unreal. Not to mention that her friendship with Vanessa Hudgens is BFF goals!

Russell Brand // @trewrussellbrand

Follow for: Dog pictures, silly photos and some of the most honest opinions to be found on Instagram. You definitely need to follow Russell Brand if you have a raunchy sense of humour and enjoy a good puppy picture every once in awhile.

Mindy Kaling // @mindykaling

Follow for: A inside scoop on hands down one of the most relatable celebrities in the world. Mindy Kaling shares pics of her and her other celeb friends hanging out, awesome travel shots, and outfits that will stir up some real closet envy.

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