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14 Cozy Toronto Date Spots If You Don't Have Your Own Place

Maybe you've just finished dinner, dessert, or drinks on date night and bae has never seemed cuter. Just look at that smile. That adorable shirt. I swear they've never said something sweeter and all you want to do is cuddle them for a million years. 

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But you don't. Have. Your. Own. Place. And neither do they. What are you supposed to do - resist the urge to squish them?? Cuddle up on a random park bench only to be interrogated/cock-blocked by a random homeless person?! (This has legitimately happened to me and yes - it is an instant boner killer for both parties.)

If you're getting a little hot and heavy and don't know what to do, try heading over to one of these spots for some quality, cozy time with your bae. 

1. Famous Last Words // 392 Pacific Avenue

This cozy, living room themed bar is perfect for anyone who wants to keep it super low key. They have a vinyl selection for you to thumb through, a cozy fireplace and tons of craft cocktails. 

2. Cocktail Bar // 923 Dundas St W

You don't need to be next to the fire to feel the heat from this place. It is incredibly warm and inviting, with stellar snacks and craft cocktails. 

3. No One Writes To The Colonel // 460 College Street

This Little Italy spot has tons of low booths and cozy arm chairs for you to snuggle up and share a snack with. Stop by after work for their amazing 2-for-one cocktail happy hour. 

4. The Communist's Daughter // 1149 Dundas Street W

This bar might just give you glow by association. Super small and incredibly quaint, The Communist's Daughter is ready for you and your date's own private party. Grab a couple boonies for the jukebox and play some classics before you cuddle up. 

5. The Hole In the Wall // 2867 Dundas Street W

You could walk right by this Junction bar without knowing. Hole In The Wall is narrow but goes pretty far back to a small stage where you could (potentially) serenade bae on the piano. 

6. Wallflower // 1665 Dundas Street W

This place is just as sweet as it sounds. They serve up well-priced cocktails and oysters - which are an aphrodisiac by the way. Looking like a little inn, the patrons of Wallflower will be sure to turn a shy, blind eye to you and bae. 

7. The Gaslight // 1426 Bloor St. W. 

If you're ever looking for a cool place on a hot night, the Gaslight has you covered. Their lovely little wooden patio has church-style pews ideal for getting close. 

8. The Yukon // 1592 Queen St West

If you and your bae love vinyl, this is definitely a spot worth checking out. Play some of the smoothest tunes to set the mood & leave the rest to the beers. 

9. Ronnie's Local // 69 Nassau Street

Though a little rough around the edges, Ronnie's is a great spot for day or night. Granted if you come after sunset, you'll get the added ambience of glowing Christmas lights on their patio. 

10. The Cavern Bar // 76 Church Street

Hidden inside of a hostel, Cavern Bar is a great spot to catch live music and and maybe grab a room if things really get steamy. 

11. Bampot Bohemian Tea House // 201 Harbord Street

This amazing spot has little booths that are made for cuddling. Think drapes, tons of cushions and privacy. Board games are also available if you want to play something want to play something other than footsie. 

12. Balzac's // 1 Trinity St. 

While we love Balzac's coffee, the Distillery location is especially amazing for its spacious environment and snuggle arm chairs #down. 

13. Her Father's Cider Bar // 119 Harbord St. 

This is lovely little spot is great for anyone who loves cider and candlelit vibes. Whether outside on the patio or tucked inside, the vibe here is ready for romance. 

14. Superpoint // 184 Ossington Ave.

This little pizza garage is as unique as it is adorable. Share a slice with your boo at the bar or back table before you blow out your table-candle.

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