There's something super special about the cafe culture in Toronto. Not only is the quality of the coffee important to all Torontonians but we also appreciate a really nice, aesthetically pleasing cafe space. 

When a cafe has a gorgeous interior Torontonians will spend hours there getting on their work/study grind and of course, updating their Instagram feeds with cute cafe pictures. 

There's an endless amount of adorable cafes that are Instagram-worthy but these are some of our favourites! These cafes are both old and new, adding something unique to the coffee shop scene here in the city. 

14. Dineen Outpost

Where: 1042 Gerrard St E // Gerrard Village

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Dineen Outpost is the newest sister cafe to the downtown hotspot Dineen Coffee Co. This gorgeous spot just opened up on Gerrard and it's literally stunning. Their food and coffees are delicious and it's a great spot to get some work done, catch up with friends and take some amazing pictures as well.


13. Safehouse Coffee

Where: 1615 Dundas St W // Brockton Village

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You can't go wrong with an adorable cafe that has some cute letters made of tiles in their floor. This is what Safehouse Cafe brings to the table and it's super popular for Instagram pictures. They also serve tons of delicious baked goods and coffee that's impeccably made every time.


12. Hopper Coffee

Where: 324 College St // Harbord Village

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This cafe is all about pop art as you can probably tell. Take your pictures posing with a delicious cup of Joe perched on their giant Campbell's soup tables! It's a great place to study and catch up on work if you're looking for a cozy space.


11. Tucana Coffee

Where: 1413 Dundas St W // Little Portugal

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This cafe may be small but it has a whole lot going for it. On the back wall you'll see flower/tropical wall paper, plants hanging from the walls and in the front window they have a neon 'Coffee' sign! There's so many great spots to take pictures here while you enjoy a delicious latte and baked good.


10. Tandem Coffee

Where: 368 King St E // Corktown

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This cafe is all about plants! They have a live plant wall, tons of potted plants and a cozy interior that's perfect for studying and hanging out. Their specialty is matcha lattes and black sesame lattes adorable cookies. There's tons of opportunities in this cafe for a great Instagram.


9. Little Pebbles

Where: 160 Baldwin St // Baldwin Village

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This is definitely one of the cutest cafes that Toronto has to offer making gorgeous Japanese desserts and drinks. You can enjoy a matcha, black sesame or regular latte with stunning latte art paired with one of their stunning desserts that are almost too pretty to eat!


8. Neo Coffee Bar

Where: 100-161 Frederick St // Old Toronto

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This cafe is all about matcha everything. They make probably some of the best matcha lattes and desserts in the entire city, no joke! You can enjoy a gorgeous latte paired with one of the famous matcha rolls or matcha cheesecakes and admire their super modern interior design.


7. Strange Love Coffee

Where: 101 Spadina Ave // Fashion District

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Strange Love serves award winning coffee so you know it's going to be faithfully delicious every time. While the interior of this space is definitely cute it's the outside that's truly special. On the side of this cafe they have have a 'Toronto" graffiti mural that's super popular for Instagram photos!


6. The Nugget 

Where: 761 Dundas St W // Trinity Bellwoods

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This small walk-up espresso bar is hidden beside a popular beside joint called Village Pizza. You can grab a delicious espresso-based drink and take some shots with their tile 'Coffee' sign and graffiti wall! This cafe is the perfect secret to discover.


5. Run And Gun Coffee

Where: 1541 Dundas St W // Brockton Village

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This adorable little cafe in Toronto is also a mini succulent and cactus shop which is basically putting the two most Instagrammable things together into one. You can spend your afternoon sipping coffee in the greenhouse vibes and purchase a succulent, cactus, hanging plant or terrarium on your way out!


4. Hailed Coffee

Where: 801 Gerrard St E // Riverdale

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If you're looking for a simple, solid white background for a colourful outfit picture featuring coffee this is a great spot! All the tiles and walls are white in this cafe which offers sleek and fresh Instagram pictures and of course, their coffee is super delicious.


3. Baddies 

Where: 679 Lansdowne Ave // Junction Triangle

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Baddies is an Australian cafe that also serves a mean brunch. The space and the food are reason enough to take your next Instagram picture here because of all the plants, the 'You Beauty' wall saying and their food that's picture perfect every single time!


2. Versus Coffee

Where: 70 Adelaide St E // Old Toronto

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Versus Coffee is well-known in the city for having the most Instagrammable colourful lattes! If you haven't taken an adorable photo here yet, you've definitely got to go. The colour is $0.50 extra but it's totally worth it to upgrade your regular matcha or espresso lattes to something much prettier.


1. Major Treat Coffee

Where: 1158 Queen St W // Little Portugal

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This is one of the newest coffee shops in Toronto that offers something super unique to the cafe scene. It's both a hip cafe and a barber shop so you can get a stylish trim while sipping on a delicious latte. You definitely don't have to get a cut while you're here though, they have tons of seating inside and outside for coffee drinkers to enjoy!