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14 Cute Date Ideas In Toronto You Need To Go on With Your S/O This Spring

Spend some quality time together!
14 Cute Date Ideas In Toronto You Need To Go on With Your S/O This Spring

We've been pretty lucky these past couple weeks because we've been blessed with amazing weather! It might feel like we've been catapulted back into winter with this snow but from here on out we're going to be in positive temperatures until spring really kicks in. 

Now that we've finally made it to the warmth at the end of the long winter tunnel, we can start planning all the activities we want to do! Toronto is full of amazing restaurants, cute cafes, exciting bars, and fun adventures. 

Grab your S/O and take them on one of these super cute date ideas this spring in the city! These ideas can also be done with your best friends, family members or solo! 

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Go for a romantic stroll under the Cherry Blossom trees in High Park. 

The Cherry Blossom trees that bloom in High Park are one of Toronto's most popular destinations in Spring. They'll only be around for a week to two weeks in late April or early May! It's the perfect place for a romantic spring stroll with your S/O!

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Get competitive together at SPiN Toronto. 

SPiN is a super fun ping pong bar on King West that's the perfect place for a fun night out with your bae. Enjoy some good drinks, snacks and good times at this unique bar!

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Buy each other flowers at Crown Flora Studio. 

Crown Flora studio is a gorgeous flower shop on Queen West. It boasts a bright pink wall that's popular for photos and the inside is filled to the brim with fresh flowers, plants and other goodies! They also host terrarium making workshops that would be a cute date idea.

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Listen to jazz under the sea at Ripley Aquarium's Friday Night Jazz event. 

The Ripley Aquarium is a popular spot any day of the week for a cute date to look at the tropical fish and sharks. But on Friday nights they host a jazz event where you can actually enjoy a jazz show under the sea!

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See spring flowers blooming at this gorgeous hidden garden. 

The Allan Gardens Conservatory are located in an unsuspecting area in downtown Toronto but they hold a magical paradise inside. From February 25th-April 29th the flowers inside these gardens will start to bloom and create a spring wonderland with colours, fragrance and lush greens around every corner!

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Indulge in mini egg stuffed cookies at this Toronto cookie shop. 

Every spring Cookie Scoop offers a special treat to it's customers to celebrate the warm weather and Easter. They make insanely delicious cookies stuffed with mini eggs that will make your mouth water just looking at them!

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Go on a double date to the Paintlounge. 

Toronto's Paintlounge offers tons of fun workshops for beginners and up! They even host workshops specifically for pairs where you paint half the painting on your canvas and your partner paints half on theirs. It's a great spot for a fun double date night.

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Take a casual walk around the top of the CN Tower. 

If you and your S/O are dare devils, the CN Tower Edge Walk is exactly what you need to do this spring. They'll be reopening for the season on April 9th so you adventure seekers can get the thrill you're looking for!

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Enjoy a romantic staycation at The Drake Hotel. 

The Drake Hotel is the perfect spot for a romantic staycation in the city. They offer unique, contemporary boutique rooms that will give you the cozy stay you're looking for. They also have a super popular restaurant and events during the weekend nights!

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Enjoy brunch at a rooftop spot that will make you feel like you're on a beach in the sky. 

The Kost restaurant is located on the 44th floor of the stunning Bisha Hotel. You can eat an amazing brunch like their coconut pancakes or avocado toast while admiring a panorama view of the city skyline!

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Go gallery hopping at Toronto's free art galleries. 

There's nothing cuter for a date than going to an art gallery together. But why not make a day of it and hop from gallery to gallery? Toronto has tons of free galleries that are perfect to explore without spending a dime!

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Turn your apartment into a green oasis at the adorable house plant shop. 

Dynasty is a super cute house plant shop on Queen west. It's full of tropical plants, cacti, succulents and homemade planters to turn your apartment into a green oasis for spring!

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Visit the secret bar hidden behind a convenience store. 

Mahjong Bar is one of Toronto's best new secret bars that's hidden behind a fake convenience storefront. They offer amazing cocktails as well as a menu of delicious food that's perfect for a cute date night!

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Watch a sunset together over the city in Riverdale Park.

One of the top spots in Toronto to watch the sunset is in Riverdale Park. It offers a perfect view of the city skyline which is an amazing place to enjoy a romantic date or even a picnic if the weather is nice!