Sometimes we don't have the energy to have a fun and adventurous date night, especially if you and your significant other are constantly hustling and working in your time apart.

So for the couple that would prefer to catch up on some beauty rest instead of losing it, there are date options for you! Here are some date ideas that are perfect for the sleepy couple trying to sneak in a little nap while still making the time for date night.

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1. Cineplex VIP Queensway // 1025 The Queensway

The Cineplex VIP at Queensway is a perfect spot for a good movie...or a nap! The theatres offer in seat service of a full food menu and drink menu, and most importantly, big brown comfy leather seats that make it hard to resist taking a nap in them.

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2. The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St. W

The Drake Hotel is a cool date spot where you can grab some drinks and catch a concert and then head back up to your hotel room for that well deserved beauty rest. It's a win-win!

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3. Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa // 81 Jarvis St. #100

Not falling asleep during a couples massage is almost impossible given the relaxing environment and having your boo right beside you. Just be sure to wake up when the masseuse says turn over!

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4. The Gladstone Hotel // 1214 Queen St. W

Staying at the The Gladstone Hotel is basically like staying in a work of art. Each room is uniquely designed, so the decor sets the ambience for a different nap compared to that of a standard hotel.

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5. Wards Island Park // 17 Lakeshore Ave

This park and beach is located on the Toronto Island, which makes it not so easily accessible, making it a very quiet spot. Bring your tent and some snacks, and you and your boo can cram a little nap into an outdoor date night.

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6. Gibraltar Point Beach // South West tip of Toronto Island

The Gibraltar Point Beach is located at the southern tip of the Toronto Islands, making it free from lots of traffic. Enjoy this serene beach by spreading your blanket on the sun and soaking in some sun during a little nap with your love.

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7. The Docks Drive-In // 176 Cherry St.

The movies are seriously a great spot to publicly nap, but watching a movie on the big screen from the comfort of your own vehicle brings on a whole new level comfort. You can drool and snore without worry of bothering anyone besides your significant other.

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8. Shisha&Co. // 636 Yonge St.

Expect good shisha, nice and cozy couches with delicious food. A place that's definitely going to send you and bae home feeling relaxed and ready for a nap.

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9. High Park // 1873 Bloor St. W

If you want to set up camp and doze off with your bf/gf in the city, then High Park is one of your best bets. It might not be dead quiet but there's plenty of space for picnicking and naps!

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10. The Library Bar // 100 Front St. W

This swanky library themed bar inside the Royal York hotel serves up smooth cocktails and afternoon tea. A great spot for a low-key date to unwind and just have small conversations with your loved one.

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11. The Ritz Carlton Toronto // 183 Wellington St. W

If you're looking to have a really posh nap with your special someone after a night on the town then this is that spot. You'll also be napping under the same roof as Drake so that's an added bonus.

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12. Park at Polson Pier // 20 Polson St.

Doze off on your love's shoulder while watching the sunset with your love at this spot located in the Port Lands. You can easily get a spot when there are no events going on at Rebel or Cabana Pool Bar, and the view of the Toronto skyline is spectacular. Romantic and nap approved!

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13. Contra Café // 1028 Shaw St.

Quiet. Comfy. And great coffee. With the added comfort of having your boo there with you, this date spot is going to be followed by nap filled with cuddles!

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14. H2O Float Spa // 138 Danforth Ave.

This floatation spa is the best way to de-stress and unwind for a relaxing date with bae. There's a guarantee that during the couples float you might get a little sleepy, so expect to be nap ready when you hop out!