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Everyone is already aware that Toronto's Chinatown is off the chain. What doesn't seem to get that much recognition, though, is that the city is packed with awesome Chinese restaurants outside of this neighbourhood. Sometimes it's nice to spread your wings a little, and venture out. Give the rest of the city a little love.

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Hong Shing

195 Dundas St. W

Hong Shing is a popular spot for downtown office workers to grab lunch, and for university students to get a late bite. They have a reliable menu full of delicious items, and many customers swear by their spicy deep fried shrimp.


Lai Wah Heen

108 Chestnut St

Whether you're looking for standard Chinese food, or something a little more adventurous, Lai Wah Heen's got you covered. Try the abalone and shrimp moose next time you've got a craving for something new.


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Spadina Garden

116 Dundas St. W

With an impressively long menu, that boasts a lot of food you don't typically see in Toronto Chinese restaurants, Spadina Garden is a great spot to check out.



666 Dundas St W

Buddha's has been satisfying vegetarians who love Chinese food for years. Their inventive alternatives to meat-based dishes will never leaving you wanting.


Greens Vegetarian

638 Dundas St W

Another great option for vegetarians, Greens offers simple but reliable and delicious meals.


Ha Gow Dim Sum House

988 Danforth Ave

Easily the best Chinese food you'll find in the Danforth, Ha Gow has a great selection of options that are well worth the trip out east.


Good View Restaurant

134 Dundas St. E

Come for the portion sizes, stay for the deliciousness.


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China Island

1572 Bloor St. W

For a cheap meal with generous portions that doesn't skimp on flavour, this is a spot that must not be overlooked.


Yummy Yummy Dumplings

79 Huron St

Another fantastic spot if you're looking for cheap, delicious eats, Yummy Yummy Dumplings serves authentic northeastern Chinese dishes that you won't regret trying out next time you're in High Park.


Simon's Wok

797 Gerrard St. E

Simon's Wok is the third vegetarian spot on this list, and it does an amazing job of converting meat-based dishes into delicious veggie ones.


Made In China

371 Yonge St

Fans of Made In China swear by it. The portions are generous, and the food is cheap and satisfying. What more could you want?


Noodle King

123 Queen St. W

Popular among business men on their lunch break, Noodle King is a great place to for a cheap and tasty lunch. You're guaranteed to find something you like.


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Modern Wok

145 King St. W

Easily the best authentic Chinese food you'll find on the PATH, Modern Wok has a great selection of items that always hit the spot.



503 College St.

For an alternative take on Chinese food, DaiLo is a great bet. This Little Italy spot offers French-inspired Chinese dishes that will have you feeling ever so classy.


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