I feel personally attacked that some people deem breakfast only appropriate in the AM. We need to celebrate the most important meal of the day by eating it as much as possible.  These 14 places will make your green smoothie, or cereal look pretty meek in comparison.  Make sure to hit up one of these spots the next time your craving breakfast food, at any time of day!

1.Wish Restaurant  // 3 Charles St. E.

Avocado is easily the new kale. For those of you looking to pack more veggies into your morning, this is the dish for you. This avocado toast is topped with poached eggs and served with a side salad topped with jicama and sliced orange! Be sure to check out their brunch menu for more options!

2. Boom Breakfast // St. Clair Ave W.

This place is the perfect spot for a hangover breakfast. With huge portions and constant coffee refills you will be feeling yourself again in no time! Boom Breakfast serves breakfast from 7AM - 4PM, but their college st. location opens up at 6AM!

Photo cred -@jaanonymous1

3. Egglicious // 430 Kipling Ave.

Congrats Etobicoke, you have been put on the map purely because of the hash-browns at Egglicious. I have stress eaten before exams more times than I would like to admit at this place, and I will never regret it. This spot is also super cheap and serves breakfast from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM depending on the day of the week.

4. Karine's // 109 McCaul St.

Vegan and Vegetarian friends, this one is for you! Just as a PSA, do not wear your tight high wasted jeans to this delicious breakfast spot. Proof is in the portion size, you'll be eating well at this place. Karine's serves breakfast from 8AM - 4PM, with the exception of Tuesdays when they are open till 7PM.

5. Aunties and Uncles // 74 Lippincott St.

To be honest, breakfast tacos really f*ck me up in the best way possible. Aunties and Uncles is an awesome breakfast spot in Little Italy and is open 9AM - 3PM every day of the week.

6. Starving Artist // 810 College St.

Starving Artist has two locations in Toronto, making it that much easier to get your hands on these awesome waffles. The staff are amazing and super accommodating. Starving artists serves up breakfast from 9AM - 6PM daily!

7. Figs Breakfast & Lunch // 344 Queen St. E.

Okay everyone, please take a minute to look at the pancakes in the left-hand corner of this picture. They are actual works of art! These pancakes are a must eat, and are basically as big as your head. Fig is open 7AM - 4PM everyday.

Photo cred -@pekopekolife

8. Fran's Diner // 104-33 Yonge St.

Any excuse to eat bread is okay with me, especially if it is drowned in syrup and topped with fresh fruit. You can get this yummy breakfast from 6AM - 12AM with the exception of Friday when they are open till 2AM.

9. Emma's Country Kitchen  // 1108 St Clair Ave W.

Emma's is the perfect breakfast spot that brings the country vibes into the concrete jungle. Weekdays Emma's is open 9AM - 5PM, and Friday and Saturday they are open 9AM - 3PM.

10. The Grille // 1596 The Queensway

This is an awesome spot on the Queensway with a beautiful spacious patio. The Grille offers an extensive breakfast menu, with some super cheap options!

11. Maman Toronto // 100 King St W.

Maman Toronto will make you feel fancy AF. This is a prime place to take your parents to make them think you really have your life together. Not to mention they have an amazing chicken club!

12. Le Petit Déjeuner // 191 King St E.

This place is awesome for their unique sides! The potato rosti and apple coleslaw are awesome options to accompany your main plate! Le Petit Déjeuner is open from 8AM - 9:30PM and is open till 3PM on weekends.

13. Saving Grace // 907 Dundas St W.

This spot is perfect for a birthday breakfast! Saving Grace has some really awesome options and always has super fresh ingredients.

14. Portland Variety // 587 King St W. 

Portland variety offers some of the best pastries I have ever tasted. As an extra bonus you usually get seated fairly quickly and the service is really great. Portland Variety is open 7AM-11PM Monday to Wednesday, and is open late till 1AM Thursday to Saturday!

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