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14 Mouthwatering Food Trucks You Need To Try This Summer In Toronto

The ultimate food truck bucket list!

The weather is finally warm and sunny with blue skies and birds chirping! That means it's time to spend literally all of our time outdoors. This weather calls for drinks on the patio after work every week, sun tanning on your front porch on the evenings and eating food from trucks at lunch time! 

Food trucks used to be something that most people avoided if they could, but now the food truck scene has exploded and this is where chefs can show their creative and innovative food creations! 

Toronto is full of unreal food trucks and we definitely recommend going on a food truck hunt to find them this summer. Use this list as your ultimate food truck bucket list and start crossing them off ASAP!

14. M.E.N.U Food Truck

Type Of Cuisine: Asian

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M.E.N.U Food Truck is one of the best in the city because the owners travel back to Asia every winter and bring all new flavours and menu ideas for the next summer! On their menu right now are items like Peking Duck Roti Tacos, Seoul Sausage and Fries, Ahi Tuna Poke Rice Bowl, Kimchi Fries and more!


13. Fully Loaded T.O

Type Of Cuisine: Fried Chicken

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If you're a lover of all things fried chicken then you've got to try out Fully Loaded T.O. this summer! They serve unreal items like Buttermilk Chicken Tenders, Kimchi Fries, Fried Chicken Bites in Waffle Cones, Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwiches and sooo much more!


12. Heirloom

Type Of Cuisine: Sandwiches + Cheesecake On A Stick

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I'm sure everyone by now has heard of the genius food truck that is Heirloom. They created their infamous Cheesecake on a Stick that literally took over the city! They also make all kinds of amazing farm-to-table sandwiches, tacos salads and more.


11. Burgatory 

Type Of Cuisine: Burgers

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If you're in the mood for a good burger this summer, this is one of the best you can find in the city! They named all their burgers after the Seven Deadly Sins so you'll find burgers named the "Greed Burger", "Envy Burger" "Wrath Burger" and more!


10. The Egg Man

Type Of Cuisine: Breakfast

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The Egg Man is all about breakfast food and you definitely want to try it this summer. It's actually the first and only breakfast food truck in the city! They serve items like breakfast sandwiches, breakfast poutine, breakfast tacos and more!


9. Fidel Gastro's 

Type Of Cuisine: Sandwiches With A Twist

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Fidel Gastro's is more than just your average food truck, they're actually Toronto's first street food experience company. They have their own restaurant, Lisa Marie, and serve unreal sandwiches with a twist at their delicious food truck.


8. Feast Toronto

Type Of Cuisine: Dumplings

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This is definitely the ultimate best dumpling truck in all of Toronto! They're Canada's first ever dumpling truck and their dumplings are out of this world delicious! Their menu includes Thai Green Curry Pork dumplings, lemongrass chicken dumplings, satay chicken dumplings and more. They also serve banh mi, noodles and other sides!


7. Eva's Original Chimney's 

Type Of Cuisine: Donut Cone Ice Cream

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Eva's Original Chimney's blew up Toronto's ice cream scene when they introduce their food truck serving up Hungarian donut ice cream cones! Now they have their own storefront location but they're also serving their delicious cones out of their truck this summer as well.


6. Gorilla Cheese

Type Of Cuisine: Grilled Cheese

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Gorilla Cheese is all about making unreal grilled cheese eats! They've already started touring around for their food truck season. Some of their unique grilled cheese creations include their Spicy Ground Beef grilled cheese, their Grilled Cheese Club, their Smoked Ham grilled cheese and so much more.


5. Pronto 

Type Of Cuisine: Italian

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Pronto is Toronto's first-ever authentic gourmet Italian food truck that you've got to try if you love all things Italian food. They serve a rotating menu of pastas zucchini fritti and tiramisu for dessert!


4. Buster's Sea Cove

Type Of Cuisine: Seafood

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Buster's Sea Cove is probably one of the most popular seafood restaurants and food trucks in the city. They serve huge and delicious seafood meals like their lobster rolls, fish n' chips, shrimp po boy, grilled octopus, and much more.


3. Wafel Bar

Type Of Cuisine: Belgium Waffles

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If you've never been to Belgium but want to experience the best of their cuisine, you've got to check out the Wafel Bar food truck for their unreal Belgium waffles! You can choose all kinds of toppings like Nutella, Belgian Chocolate Fudge and more. They also serve unreal Belgian Waffles on sticks that look so delicious!


2. Feed The Six

Type Of Cuisine: Multi-Cultural

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This Toronto based food truck is all about representing the different cuisines and cultures that make up this great city. Since Toronto is so multi-cultural their menu represents that. They serve items like Jerk Chicken Bowls, Korean Fried Chicken, Truffle Parm Fries, Fried Mac n' Cheese, Korean Beef Bulgogi and more!


1. Bake Three Fifty

Type Of Cuisine: Baked Goods

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In the mood to eat the best dessert of your life? Then head over to the Bake Three Fifty food truck! You can build your own cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches here from a huge selection of sweet toppings!