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14 Of The Most Unusual Restaurants You Can Eat At In Ontario

Dinner dates will never be the same.

Ontario is home to some of the coolest and quirkiest restaurants in the country. Foodies looking for unusual dining experiences will have plenty to try across the province!

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Here are 14 of the most unusual restaurants you can eat at in Ontario:

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O.Noir is a special French-Italian restaurant in which guests dine in complete darkness. Blind staff bring out surprise dishes to each table, and the dark environment helps to enhance the guests' sense of taste.

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Lock 21


Lock 21 is an entirely new restaurant concept that's launching in Peterborough this year. Within the city's famous lift lock chamber is a team of topnotch chefs that prepare delectable, multi-course meals. Guests will be treated to a unique and intimate dining experience 20 metres below sea level!

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Sky Lounge


Sky Lounge takes the dining experience to new heights - literally. The restaurant is actually a special multi-seat dining table is suspended 150 feet in the air by a crane above Ottawa City Hall. Guests can enjoy fantastic food while taking in the open views of the surrounding Ottawa landscape.

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Bonnechere Caves


Bonnechere Caves holds annual dinners in a natural limestone cave deep beneath the Earth's surface. Candlelit tables are set up within the narrow corridor of the cave for a truly intimate dining experience. Guests will be treated to an amazing multi-course meal by a local caterer, as well as live music

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Henry’s Fish Restaurant


Henry's Fish Restaurant is located on a small island in Sans Souci. A special "fly and dine" special offers guests an aerial tour of the surrounding area alongside a delicious seafood meal. The entire experience lasts approximately 2 hours, with around 30 minutes of flying time.

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Skylon Tower Revolving Room

Niagara Falls

The Skylon Tower Revolving Room is akin to the CN Tower's 360 Restaurant, with one small difference - the former has the most glorious view of Niagara Falls. The restaurant rotates a full 360 degrees at a gradual pace, allowing you to see the illuminated Falls 775 feet above ground.

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Musical Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre


The Musical Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is a venue within the Grand River Raceway in Elora. The restaurant puts on an award-winning comedy show complete with dialogue and music as you eat your dinner. Throughout the show, a murder mystery will begin to unravel, allowing guests to engage with the characters and figure out exactly "whodunit".

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Munchies Coffee House & Barkery


Munchies Coffee House & Bakery is a great place to take your furry best friend for a good meal. The restaurant allows dog owners to bring their pets inside, with special menus for both. They even make special birthday cakes for dogs!

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Elmhirst Resort Wine Cellar


The Elmhirt Resort Wine Cellar is a hidden, underground vault that has its walls completely lined with Ontario and Canadian vintages. Within the cellar is a long, rustic table that allows guest to taste wines and enjoy a full-course dinner.

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North Beach Bar & Grill

North York

North Beach Bar & Grill lets guests experience eating at the beach in the winter. The restaurant is actually located within a large, indoor complex fitted with regulation-size sand courts for beach volleyball. Drop into the restaurant for a quick bite then hit the sand for some fun games.

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The Winking Judge


The Winking Judge might seem like any other pub eatery, but it actually has an eerie history that makes it particularly interesting. The restaurant is said to be haunted by a ghost called "The Judge", who is often seen in the upper floor men's washroom dressed in a dark suit. Past guests have reported brushing sensations against their legs, and speaking to strangers that weren't really there.

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Eigensinn Farm


The Eigensinn Farm is a family-operated business that offers dinner within a farmhouse. The farm is owned Stadtländers, who prepare multi-course dinners using food and vegetables from their own garden.

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Revival House


Revival House is a specialty restaurant located in an odd venue - a renovated church. Along with the restaurant's unique venue is a stellar French-inspired menu that is a must-try for any true foodie.

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Signs is the first of its kind in Canada. Staffed with deaf employees, the restaurant requires you to order from the menu in sign language. An instructional sheet with helpful graphics will help guests who do not know sign language to make their orders.

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