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14 Places In Toronto That Guarantee To Satisfy Every Picky Eater

It seems nearly impossible to ever make a picky eater happy because they're so selective when it comes to food and aren't open to experimenting. They either need a huge selection of items to choose from on the menu  because there's "nothing to eat" or a basic restaurant that only serves grilled chicken just the way they like it.

Are you tired of disappointing a picky eater with your restaurant choices? Put the frustration behind and take them to one of these 14 places in Toronto that will without doubt satisfy every picky eater:

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1. Hungry Amoo // 74 Ossington Ave

Not only is it a great place for picky eaters, but it's also the newest addition to Ossington's neighbourhood. The casual snack-bar offers a variety of sharing plates and a couple of irresistible items such as their chicken and popcorn, scotch eggs and signature falafels that will appeal to everyones taste buds.

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2. Pray Tell // 838 College St.

Pray Tell is the sister of Toronto's famous snack and cocktail bar Track & Field. There are a variety of small and big delicious nibbles available on the menu such as rolls, dumpling, cheese and meat boards, pizzas and tartares.

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3. Mezzetta Restaurant  // 681 St Clair Ave W.

Mezzetta is a Mediterranean tapas restaurant that is great for picky eaters because it offers a variety of "mezzes"(appetizers.) There are over 40 authentic items on the menu, inspired by Greek, Turkish, Persian, and Arabic cuisine, 25 of which are vegetarian choices.

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4. Love Chix // 1588 Dupont

It's all about chicken when it comes choosing a dish off the menu at Love Chix. From chicken skin chips to butter chicken, burgers and fried chicken, this is the ultimate chicken joint in Toronto. Whether you like your chicken crispy or grilled, Love Chix will master your bird in every single way. But there are other non-chicken dishes available on the menu to give some sort of variety.

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5. Planta // 1221 Bay St.

The innovative “plant-based” dishes at Planta will accommodate the taste buds of every picky eater. Even though there are no meaty dishes on the menu, Toronto’s best chefs David Lee has been able to create delicious vegetarian dishes that will have everyone licking their fingers.

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6. Barque // 299 Roncesvalles Ave.

If you're a huge BBQ food fanatic, Barque is the place to go. Build a platter with your own choice of preferred meat, whether it's chicken, pulled pork, brisket or caraway stout sausages.

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7. Lee // 601 King St W.

Hong-Kong native chef Susur Lee, created an Asian and French inspired menu for Lee. Stacks of salad, cold fresh seafood, spring rolls, braised beef, tacos, ravioli... The variety of delicious items to choose from is unbelievable.

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8. Feel Good Guru // 135 Tecumseth st. Unit 2

This one is for the healthy picky eaters because it's all about eating well and feeling good at this restaurant. Everything is organic, hand made and suitable for vegans, but it's also a great place to dine in order to be cleaner, leaner and greener.

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9. Enoteca Sociale // 1288 Dundas St W.

You can never go wrong with pasta (unless you're strictly gluten-free.) Italian inspired pasta usually satisfies every picky eaters' taste buds because there are so many ways of modifying it. Enoteca Sociale is most famous for their cacio e pepe, a simple spaghetti dish made with sheep’s milk cheese and black pepper.

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10. Holy Chuck Burgers // 586 Yonge St.

Holy Chuck's is a a place for burger heaven - you can literally get up to six patties stacked on your burger. Choose from lamb, beef and duck meat or go for a vegetarian option. Some burgers can get reaaaaallly greasy (if sliders are not filling enough) for example Go Chuck Yourself, which includes six patties and cheese, triple bacon, caramelized onions all stacked on three grilled cheese sandwiches.

via @kkathy_chen

11. Black Camel // 4 Crescent Rd. 

Sandwiches will hit the spot for any picky eater, especially if you can personalize toppings. Their most famous and highly suggested sandwich is the brisket, because it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare - a whole total of five days.

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12. Golden Turtle // 125 Ossington Ave.

Rice noodles in soup? Even the pickiest eater will love Vietnamese food because pho is the bomb. Whether you're going for a veggie or meaty option, Golden Turtle has got you covered pho-ever.

via @foodora_ca

13. NomNomNom Poutine & Crepes // 707 Dundas St W.

Imagine having the most cheesiest, gravylicious poutine followed by the most delicious crepe. You can never go wrong with cheese and fries topped off with gravy, nor does anyone not like crepes. NomNomNom operates out of a shipping container in Market 707 and it is by far one of the best places to grab some mouthwatering street food in Toronto.

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14. Nadège Patisserie // 780 Queen St.W

Do you have a sweet tooth? Life is sweeter at Nadege because their desert selection is top notch. From an extensive list of freshly made macaroons to chocolate, pastries and croissants, along with coffee or a cup of tea - it's worth checking out.

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