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14 Places In Toronto Where You Can Party For Free

Just make sure you're sober enough to get in!

Toronto nightlife can be a blast, the city has hundreds of nightclubs and bars that can cater to any partier's taste. At the same time though the cover charges can add up and partying can get pretty pricey in the city.

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These 14 spots around the city have no cover which can wipe nearly $30 off your nightly cost, so prep a strong pre for you and your friends and enjoy a free night out in the city! 

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1. Cake Nightclub // 214 Adelaide St W.

If you sign up for guest list and arrive before 11 you can get into Cake for free any day of the week!

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2. Early Mercy // 540 King St W.  

Early Mercy has free entry every Thursday if you arrive before 11.

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3. Bar 244 // 244 Adelaide St W. 

Bar 244 has no cover every night if you arrive before 11.

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4. Dance Cave // 529 Bloor St W.

Calling all students, if you show your student ID at the door you can get into Dance Cave for free!

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5. The Addisons Residence // 456 Wellington St W.

Not down to arrive before 11? The Addisons Residence hosts no cover or guest list every Saturday!

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6. The Garrison // 1197 Dundas St W.

The Garrison isn't just an awesome concert venue, it has a sick bar too and theres no cover!

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7. The Office Pub // 117 John St. 

The Office Pub is a great alternative if you aren't into the clubbing scene, and theres no cover!

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8. Woody's // 467 Church St. 

Not only does this gay bar have no cover, but the venue also hosts 5 bars!

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9. The Madison Avenue Pub // 14 Madison Ave. 

The Maddy is always a good time and it makes it even better that theres no cover on Fridays or Saturdays!

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10. Baby Huey's // 72 Ossington Ave. 

Baby Huey's is a fun and unique spot to spice up a night out where you never have to pay cover!

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11. El Furniture Warehouse // 410 Bloor St W. 

No cover is required at El Furniture Warehouse plus the crazy inexpensive menu makes the spot super appealing!

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12. Churchill // 1212 Dundas St W. 

This bar is a great low key spot to have a great time without having to pay cover!

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13. Hi-Lo // 753 Queen St E. 

Hi Lo is a great spot to get craft brews without having to pay cover. Plus the venue is sick with rock posters and pinball machines to give it a retro vibe!

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14. The Get Well // 1181 Dundas St W. 

The Get Well is an awesome spot where you not only don't have to pay cover, but you also can play the arcade games for free!

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