With a couple weeks of class under our belt, all around the beautiful Queen's campus we're starting to finally come down from the utopia of frosh week freedom and realize that we've been missing (or avoiding) a key part of the university experience - studying. Sure there's the classic ugh, 8 hours at the library snap (feat. cute dog filter cause those bags after reading 30 pages of history ain't cute). Or the even more mainstream "stuDYING" Instagram caption. But beyond the self pitying and, at times very understandable venting about your work, sometimes studying doesn't have to be such a chore.

I'm going to through out a little alternative opinion here, so stay with me, I actually really love studying. After taking a year off, the first time I had something to read again I was ecstatic. While people were groaning about the multiple chapters of readings, I was acting like I just got into Early Mercy for free. Because beyond the classic groaning about all our work (which, we all do, because it get's fucking stressful), if you study in the right mood, you can actually realize how f*cking lucky we are to be at such an amazing university.

And with setting the right mood to dive into that essay, you have to have the right ambience to get you through and help you focus. Even though we have a variety of unreal libraries at Queen's (Harry Potter room what up), we're even more fortunate to be in Kingston for our studies, it's not an ultimate university town for nothing. From the best coffee shops to indulge in, to scenic lake side study spots, to hidden gems on campus; these are the best places to study that every Queen's student has to know to get to mid term and beyond.


1. The Tea Room // Beamish-Munro Hall

Vibe: With hip/indie Spotify playlists playing to set the mood, this is ideal for anyone whose best work comes from background noise of small talk chatter/indie beats.

Wifi: Free for any Queen's student!

Food/Drinks: Known as one of the best places to get an americano on campus, you'll love the handcrafted drinks served up by your fellow students. And why not dive into one of their scones or muffins for a mid study pick me up? Or ask them to throw one of the handmade sammies on the grill to get you through that 8 hour cram session.

2. Lederman Law Library // Macdonald Hall

Vibe: Elle woods. It's got the prestige of law school combined with the resources to back that up. Right when you walk in walk up the stairs and you'll find a huge room filled with communal tables and induvidual desks. The best part about this library is the high ceilings, plethora of seating and the fact that there's lots of natural light during the day to keep you awake (keeping your eyes open for studying and a cute lawyer #sorrynotsorry).

Wifi: Free for any Queen's Student!

Food/Drinks: B.Y.O.S (Bring your own snacks)

3. Bracken Medicine Library // Botterell Hall

Vibe: Scholarly. (What else were you expecting, it's a library?) It's one of the best kept secrets at Queen's for anyone who needs no noise when they're studying. With beautiful windows to pop down beside you can study in the corner of campus for hours. Plus because there's not much foot traffic through here you won't be distracted by your friend coming through every 5 minutes like in Stauffer. All you have to do is head to Botterell Hall on Stuart St. (right near Bio Sci). If you're really craving a "so quiet it's creepy" kind of noise level, head downstairs to the quiet study rooms. Drop a pen down there and it'll feel like you dropped a boulder.

Wifi: Free for any Queen's student!

Food/Drinks: You can grab some study snacks at the Market Cafe downstairs, or go there for a pre or post power study for their famously underrated all day breakfast.

4. Theological Hall, 3rd Floor

Vibe: Ominous and silent, seems the best way to describe this majestic building. The 3rd floor is a very underrated place to study at Queen's, which also means it's often very quiet. Being at the bottom of campus and in the middle of a building as gorgeous as Theo, it's a great place to go to escape for a couple hours.

Wifi: Free for any Queen's student!

Food/Drink: Bring what you want!

5. Third Floor of the ARC

Vibe: You'd never realize that above one of the busiest bagel filled spots on campus there's a chill oasis waiting for you and your textbooks. Head to the third floor of the ARC for about 1/3 of the noise you would get at cogro and 2/3 more table space. There's still people going through so it's not dead silent, but definitly a better option then the floor below if you get distracted easily!

Wifi: Free for any Queen's Student

Food/Drinks: Being in the ARC, the world is literally your oyster for food choices. (That is, if your oyster includes a limited option of Pita Pit, Teriyaki Express, Tim Hortons, Booster Juice, Grocery Check Out, Pita Pit and Cogro.)

6. Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts

Vibe: This is the perfect place to go for a serene study spot. If there's no shows going on, take a seat at one of the tables over next to the floor to ceiling glass windows over looking beautiful Lake Ontario. You'll have a serene place to study that you won't get bored of for hours. If your a film student, you'll definitely have access to the upper study lounge (or grab your film friend for a study date).

Wifi: Free for any Queen's student!

Food/Drinks: There's no food vendors in the Isabel but you can always hop over to the Tett centre next door and grab some delicious food from Juniper Cafe!

OFF CAMPUS (~real world~)

7. Waterfront Trail

Vibe: Get the true calm vibes you can only get being in nature. If you walk east of the pier along the cement path, there's a couple of picnic benches overlooking the water. It's perfect for those long hard copy readings that you really need serenity to dive into too.

Wifi: No

Food/Drink: Whatever you bring with you!

8. Crave Coffee Co. // 166 Princess St.

Vibe: Contemporary. Crave seems to become more and more popular everyday, and why wouldn't it? With a great mix of comfy couches, a huge rectangluar work space and intitmate yet sleek decor: it's a step up from your regular coffee shop study session.

Wifi: Free

Food/Drink: OH YES. Probably the best part about studying here is the great food and drinks you can enjoy. From freshly made sandwhiches, gourmet salads and more sweet options to enjoy than you know what to do with, you'll always be satisfied. Because nothing helps a Physics Lab more than a hot and fresh cinnamon bun.

9. Parfait // 268 Princess St.

Vibe: The cool, laid back love child of Fro-Yo and Coffee. Opening this summer to save your yogurt deprived soul, come down here and stay a while with their large number of seating options right in the heart of Princess St.

Wifi: Free!

Food/Drinks: If it wasn't obvious enough, here you can get some delicious, made IN HOUSE, self serve frozen yogurt with decadent toppings to fuel all your scholarly needs. And for when you need that extra kick? They also have a barista ready to get you the delicious caffeine fix you need. Not satisfied yet? Create your own smoothie by simply getting all the ingredients you want and handing it to the barista (along with your money, you still have to pay).

10. Balzacs // 251 Princess St.

Vibe: This beautiful, European cafe is any politcs/philosophy majors dream. With exposed brick and PLENTY of seating to match your fresh espresso, there's a definite sense of advanced literacy that comes with the cool buzz of Balzacs. It's a great place to grind for hours solo or with a group. Besides, Balzac himself didn't say "The cafe is the people's parliament" for no reason.

Wifi: Free

Food/Drinks: You better believe it. We're talking hand crafted espresso drinks, teas, pour over coffees and decadent cookies, square and croissants to get you through your study session.

11. City Park

Vibe: Tranquil. Plant yourself on one of the picnic benches in this vast park and let the light filter through the leaves of the tree shading you as you get your readings done more naturally than ever.

Wifi: No (it's a park)

Food/Drink: If someone was really nature inclined and wanted to argue that you could probably forage something from the grass, go for it (except you 11/10 should not attempt that). For now, let's just stick to bringing your own food ya?

12. Sipps Coffee and Dessert Bar // 33 Brock St.

Vibe: Very very sweet. You'll definitly be living the good life for your next study session. at this decadent dessert bar. Grab a cherry cheesecake, a brookie (brownie-cookie-suprise centre!!) or make a gluten free turtle cheesecake, find a spot at one of the many tables and take in the view of Market Square before diving into your work for the week.

Wifi: Free city internet (which can always vary so make sure your not doing a timed test here!)

Food/Drink: DUH. Grab a regular coffee or go for a Creme Brule Latte to go with one of your mouth-watering desserts. They also have sandwiches if you're staying for a long time at this amazing locally owned and operated cafe.

13. Coffee and Company // 53 Princess St.

Vibe: Upbeat and chill all at once, it's pretty much the vibe you get listening to any indie pop song. With tons of natural light and seating options and the soothing hum of background chatter, it's a great spot to hit when you need a great getaway from the intimidating atmosphere at Stauff.

Wifi: Free

Food/Drink: Beyond delicious coffee house staples like baked goods, a selection of sandwiches, and fun seasonal drinks, they also have White Mountain Ice Cream for you to study. (With all the delicious flavours you'll want to take your time making the right decision.)

14.  Starbucks // 95 Princess St

Vibe: The original hub for any kind of coffee shop study session is back again. While most students hit the Starbucks on Division, you'll be hard pressed to actually find a seat there, we suggest heading to the less student occupied Starbucks on Princess. While there's less seating here and a little further from here, the nice walk away from campus will clear your mind and the calmer vibe may just be needed to finish that conclusion on your essay.

Wifi: Free

Food/Drink: Get that gold card out. Enjoy your favourite Starbucks drink, whether your going for the classic PSL or getting a little fancy with a Cinnamon Dolce Creme Frappuccino, you'll have the all the benefits that come with studying in one of the most successful coffee shops in the country. Translation? Yummy treats, reliable wifi, great snacks, quality drinks and, especially at this location, unbelievably friendly staff.