Italian, Greek, Asian, Western--- we've all seen this different ethnic restaurants and food destinations in Toronto and all over the GTA that add to Toronto's beautifully ethnic diversity. That being said, I'm sure that if you're both a dedicated foodie as you are a dedicated Narcity reader, then you've probably tried all of the food recommendations that have lead you to new and spiritual foodie heights. Okay, I might be over exaggerating just a tad on that last note, however I'm not kidding when I say that Toronto has one of the best food scenes when it comes to representing international cuisine. However one of the many ethnic backgrounds that we have yet to explore is Portuguese cuisine!

Portuguese cuisine is often looked over and unrecognized in comparison to major ethnic foods like Italian and Asian. However, just because it is often overlooked it doesn't mean that it should be. Portuguese cuisine has some distinct, powerful and delicious flavours that makes it its own.

With that being said, if you're looking for something different to try eating, definitely hit up any of these Portuguese restaurants in Toronto that is sure to complete your international foodie.

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Chiado// 864 College St.

For those of you who are into fine dining, the Chiado restaurant is a perfect place to impress your Portuguese friends at with its white linens, valet parking, and even more delicious Portuguese cuisinery that will blow you away.

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Via Norte Restaurant// 938 College St.

This is another dimly lit restaurant which serves foods and flavours that are quite the opposite-- yup, it's litttt. Treat yo'self like the queen that you know you are during this fine dining experience. Experience the finest of Portuguese cuisine for one night and prepare to eat the night away.

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Bairrada Churrasqueira Grill// 1000 College St.

At this Portuguese foodie destination that is very different to the last two previously mentioned places, chug a beer and relax with some casual Portuguese snacks and meals to stuff your face with all your favourite people.

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Lisbon By Night// 802 Dundas St. W

Take in all the ethnic flavours and spices of this Portuguese restaurant serving up your favourite classic meals and dishes that will take you back to the eastern homeland.

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Adega// 33 Elm St.

Treat yourself to this Portuguese restaurant taking your classic dishes and spinning them into a mouth wateringly delicious Portuguese fusion. Stuff your face in a freshly made seafood rissotto that Portugal would only know how to do best!

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Piri Piri Grill House// 1444 Dupont St.

Although the ambiance of the restaurant is a bit outdated in itself, nobody can deny the delicious product of its Portuguese food that is sure to live up to its name. In true piri-piri style, they are best known for their signiture piri piri sauce that compliments perfectly with their juicy chicken!

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Churrasco Villa// 254 Eglinton Ave. E

This Portuguese restaurant has cooked over natural wood and charcoal for decades. It once started as a family restaurant in the 1960s and has brought the culture and identity of Portugal onto the streets of Mount Pleasant and Eglinton.

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Best Portuguese Chicken// 942 The Queensway

The name speaks for itself. For all your fried chicken lovers who are out to seek the best leg, give this BPC place a try! Absorb the savoury Portuguese flavours and spices that Portugual alone is famous for, It blows your KFC out of the park!

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Churrasco of St. Clair// 679 St. Clair Ave. W

If you're ever in the St Clair area, treat yourself to some good ole Portuguese meats from chicken to ribs to fish that has the Portuguese signiture all over it!

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Perla Restaurant// 539 College St.

Sit down with the fam at this Portuguese restaurant and simply eat a homey Portuguese meal with the familia. Nevermind about the extra fancy schmancy meals, sit down and eat your favourite comfort classics from the homeland that is sure to hit home.

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Churrasuqeira Martins Grill House// 605 Rogers Road

For those of you who absolutely love your seafood, this Portuguese restaurant is sure to please with its freshest seafoods and humungous portions combining your favourite surf and turf items into one dish with a Portuguese addition.

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Flor de Sal// 501 Davenport Ave.

For those of you who want to eat out a little fancy tonight, go to Flor de Sal for a classy two floor fine dining experience with a Mediterannean/Portuguese fusion serving both the traditional and modern cultural dishes of this beloved country.

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Porto Rotisserie House// 1370 St. Clair Ave. W

Get your grub on at this Portuguese restaurant serving you the best meats and seafoods to stuff your face with. Go ahead girl, get your hands messy and dig in!