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14 Restaurants In Toronto To Visit If You're Feeling Under The Weather

Puts your chicken noodle soup to shame.
14 Restaurants In Toronto To Visit If You're Feeling Under The Weather

It's out with the Halloween spirit and in with the flu season that November is bound to bring. Let's face it, October = Halloween while December = Christmas/NYE... but if we're being real here there's really nothing to look forward to this November except for the Gilmore Girls series revival and the ever dreaded flu season. Oh yeah, you know what I'm talking about and I'm pretty sure a few of you reading this are congested in bed trying to hang on with every ounce of strength you have to keep your eyes open. Trust me, I'm on the verge of getting there and it is not fun.

But to help lift everyone's spirits, here are a few restaurants to comfort your poor souls with some classic comfort foods to ease whatever illness you are fighting. Just because you're sick, doesn't mean you don't deserve to go out and enjoy some good food!

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OM Grilled Cheese// 66 Nassau St.

It's time to up your fibre with some good cheesy bread and nice hot bowl of tomato soup to dip it in. If there's one way to heal your soul, it's to comfort it with this classic comfort food in Kensington.

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Ravi Soups// 1128 Queen St. W

It's a given to be sippin' on soup during this terrible season, but let's stop with the overrated chicken noodle, and let's try some good and hearty soups and broths from Ravi Soups. It'll warm your heart as well as your stiff, aching muscles.

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Radica's Hot & Spicy// 263 Queen St. E

For those of you with congested nasals, it's not fair to consume food and not be able to taste it. However, let your nose run at Hot Spicy Spicy with something hot and flavourful to wake you and your senses up from bed.

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Kinton Ramen// Multiple Locations

Slurp up some nice and hot seasoned broth at this ramen restaurant and sigh in relief after each bite. It's no chicken noodle soup, but it's definitely homey considering it's a step up from your trusty instant ramen cup that you're used to eating when mama isn't there to make it.

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Fresh// 90 Eglinton Ave

Load up on your essential veggies at this vegetarian friendly restaurant. Load up on a salad, squash tacos or a veggie bowl that tastes delicious and will make you feel amazing!

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Feel Good Guru // 135 Tecumseth St. #2

The name of this gluten-free friendly restaurant says it all. Dine in at this savoury restaurant that will fill your stomach with some healthy eats and favourites.

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Golden Turtle// 1776 St. Clair Ave W

Slurp on some warm and toasty pho from Vietnam and soak in all its exotic goodness. It's herbs and healing properties will heal your soul and refresh your mind during this hard time.

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SOMA Chocolate Maker// 443 King St. W

There's nothing more essential like a nice cup of hot cocoa during this time of illness. Head to SOMA for the most chocolatey cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm on the go.

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Junked Food Co.// 1256 Dundas St. W

They say that if you're late you might as well be fashionable. That being said, if you're already sick, use this time to chow down on some comfort junk food to ease the hardships of the flu. You're sick and suffering so it'll be like the calories didn't count because it owes you one!

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Caplanksy's// 356 College St.

Fill your hands with some good and homey meat at this family restaurant. Enjoy a nice, flavourful sandwich to make up for your lack of health during this insanely frustrating time.

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Song Cook's Authentic Korean Restaurant// 672 Steeles Ave. W

Cozy down at this authentic Korean restaurant on the insanely comfortable heated floors. The Koreans have mastered all the amazing soups, noodles and stews to bring you a flavourful boost of life.

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Mama Martino’s // 624 The Queensway

It's hard to be sick without mama there to aid to your every need. You deny that mamma's hugs don't bring you warmth and comfort when it in fact does. That being said, visit your second mamma at the Queensway for some comfort Italian food. It'll be like mamma never left!

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The White Brick Kitchen // 641 Bloor St W. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it's best to start it off right - especially when you feel like you're dying. Whether it's a much needed breakfast or lunch, your body will be thanking you for the delicious and much needed breakfast food that you'd neglected due to your busy schedule. Now that you've called in sick to work, you've got time to give your body some TLC.

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Honest Weight // 2766 Dundas St W.

Your weight may not be an issue but it's still important to take care of your body. Eat well at this low cal restaurant serving healthy meals and awesome dishes.

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