The sun is officially here to stay and if you look at the weather forecast going forward it looks like it's only going to be over 20 degrees for a while now. We're incredibly lucky to be getting this weather right now because we all experience how unpredictable this winter and last year's summer was. 

But it looks like we're in for a warm, sunny and gorgeous summer this year and we definitely deserve it! The perfect thing to do when the weather is as beautiful as it is right now is to pack up some food, grab your friends/family/SO and head to the closest park for a picnic. 

Picnics are the ideal summer activity and this city is full of serene parks that are the perfect location for your sunny meal. Find the best one that's closest to you! 

14. High Park

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High Park is probably the most iconic park in Toronto so it's no surprise it made the top of this list. They have 18 different designated picnic sights with tables and everything! It's the perfect spot to lay out a blanked under the sun and enjoy a meal with a large group of friends/family.

13. Cherry Beach Park

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This park is located right near the massive Asian grocery store T&T which makes it a prime spot for picnics. Stop in for supplies at the store and then walk down to this stunning waterfront park for the perfect picnic.

12. Corktown Common

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This stunning park mixes urban city life with nature scenery to make the ideal picnic spot. There's tons of marsh trails to explore, playgrounds for children and even a pavilion with a fireplace and outdoor grill!

11. Dufferin Grove Park

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If you're taking the subway, this park is the easiest to get to because it's located just steps from Dufferin Station. There's tons of amazing things this park has to offer like it's gorgeous green scenery, gazebos, bonfires, 2 community bake ovens, and so much more!

10. Toronto Music Garden

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This is definitely one of the most beautiful and creative parks in all of Toronto. It features musical floral displays all over the park and it has a breathtaking view of the city skyline. It's not very large but it makes for a stunning picnic destination.

9. Trinity Bellwoods Park

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Trinity Bellwoods Park is another one of Toronto's most iconic parks. Located in the heart of the city's hip west end there's tons of amazing restaurants in the area to pick up food and eat in the park if you don't want to cook. Just bring a blanket and set up shop!

8. Riverdale Park East

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This is one of my all-time favourite parks because it gives the best view of the entire city skyline from the east side! Eat at the top of the massive hill and you can enjoy the sunshine, admire the CN Tower and have a great time.

7. Christie Pits

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This park is one of the best for hanging out during the warm summer months. There's a wading pool, a community garden, a multi-sports field and even a labyrinth to explore! You can enjoy more than just a picnic here this summer.

6. Allan Gardens Park

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This park is located in the heart of Toronto's downtown area but feels like you're somewhere outside of the city. It's home to the stunning Allan Gardens Conservatory which is an amazing place to explore and the park is great for a picnic lunch afterwards!

5. Bluffer's Park

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Enjoy a sunny picnic lunch with a view of Toronto's most turquoise waters at the Scarborough Bluffs! You'll get an incredible view of the cliffs and the lake at the base of the Bluffs here that you can't find anywhere else. You can try to snag one of the picnic tables on the beach or set up your own blanket anywhere in the area.

4. Étienne Brûlé Park

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This gorgeous park near Old Mill will feel like you escaped the city entirely. There's tons of hiking and biking trails in the area so you can enjoy some activity before you settle down on a sunny picnic table for lunch afterwards.

3. Withrow Park via

This park is full of lush green trees, grassy fields, and a fire pit for bonfires at night. There's also a weekly farmer's market on Saturdays that takes place in this park so if you go on a Saturday you don't have to pack anything, just pick up some fresh food there!

2. Thomson Memorial Park

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This stunning park in Scarborough is the perfect place to go to escape the city. It has 4 different picnic sites with tables that can fit big parties. There's also bike trails, baseball diamonds, a playground and more!

1. Coronation Park 

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Coronation Park is probably one of the best on this list. There's tons of space so you won't feel crowded in with lots of people, you'll get picturesque views of the water and the sailboats docked at the harbour and there's a BBQ pit as well!