14 Signs You Are A Former Toronto Scene Kid

I'm an emo kid, nonconforming as can be.
14 Signs You Are A Former Toronto Scene Kid

Our scene days were the glorious rebellious times of our tweens and teens. Filled with screamo, skinny jeans, “guyliner”, apathy, sad acoustic renditions, and pin straight hair, one can't help but be a little nostalgic for our ironic, random, tacky, melancholic phases. If you were ever a scene/emo kid in Toronto, this list is for you.

1. This song described your life


"Dear diary: Mood, Apathetic."

2. Warped Tour was the highlight of your year

Every true scene kid waited all year for one event. Vans Warped Tour. The time when all of your fave obscure emo bands could finally come to Toronto. Highlights included incessant moshing with hoards of greasy teens, dirt, sweat, and waiting in line for hours to meet your emo idols. "I NEED a pic with Brokencyde for my myspace!!1!!!1!!"

3. You're furious Warped Tour is skipping Toronto this year

"Toronto and Canadian Warped fans: Due to construction that’ll be taking place next summer at the Amphitheater festival grounds, we’re going to have tp take a year off from hitting Toronto on the 2016 tour. In March when the tour onsale begins, we’ll be making a number of discounted tickets available in Toronto and in the Ontario region for your closest Warped show. In addition, we’ll provide information about Rally Bus which provides roundtrip bus travel at a low price. We appreciate the passion that Canadian fans have shown the tour over the years and we’ll see you in 2017!"

3. You go to emo night at Sneaky Dees every Friday

Every former scene kid still wants to relive their apathetic youth. What better way to do so then getting absolutely hammered to your fave emo jams circa 2006??? Sneaky Dee's hosts "Homesick" an emo night every Friday. So slap on some skinnies, bust out that Taking Back Sunday graphic tee, it's time to get drunk.


3. You got all your piercings at Adrenaline on Queen West

Much to the dismay of your parents. "The goal is to fit a cucumber through my earlobe."

4. Cute Without The 'e' was your anthem


The epitome of angry emo melodramatics.

6. So was Ohio Is For Lovers


"Cut my wrists and black my eyes, so I can fall asleep or die." Iconic.

7. You got off on the fact that you were “SO random”

There was nothing scene kids revered more than being random. Whether it was carrying dinosaur figurines in their backpack, dying their hair purple or wearing coon tails and Dora the Explorer backpacks the more random (and tacky) the better.

8. You said "'rawr' means I love you in dinosaur" for some odd reason

Photo cred-Firstcovers


9. You loved Toronto local Abandon All Ships

Abandon All Ships was the pride and joy of the Toronto scene when they blew up in the late 2000's. An opportunistic mix of screamo and electronica, endearingly labeled "electronicore", these guys were arguably Toronto's biggest act to come out of the emo/scene phase.

10. You wished Hot Topic was in Canada and settled for D-Tox

For years, Canadian scene kids were done a great disservice. We were denied the privilege of shopping at the most coveted scene/emo store of all time. Hot topic was the stuff of myth for Toronto scene kids until it appeared in 2010, a good 2 or 3 years past its prime. But that's okay! Toronto scenesters had D-Tox, the lesser, low budget Canadian version!


11. You attended emo concerts at Koolhaus

Every former scene kid from Toronto remembers seeing their fave emo band at Koolhaus/Guv and filing out into the streets as one massive herd of sweaty scenesters. The look on all of the clubbers faces lined up outside? Priceless.

12. You were addicted to Myspace and Piczo

Myspace and Piczo were the breeding ground for scene/emo culture and all of its apathetic eccentricities. The goal? The tackiest, most random, punk, goth, scene, melange of selfies, quotes and sadness.


13. You supported your friend's screamo bands

Admit it. Your friend's bands were probably awful. But you still showed up and bragged like a groupie that you knew them. You maybe even wore their band tee with pride and moshed with your friends to their amateur setlists.

14. You had a scene name

Whether it was "KirstTheWorst", "LaceyLaceration" or "HaleyHeroine" your scene name was your ultimate emo street cred.

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