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14 Signs You Grew Up In Brampton

Once a Bramptonian, always a Bramptonian
14 Signs You Grew Up In Brampton

They say home is where the heart is. In my case, home is where we ski down mountains of literal garbage, where a man named Sandy's face adorns every bus stop and notepad in your house and where every occasion meant going to the mandarin. I'm from Brampton.

Even though no one seems to like to admit they're from B-Town, we still can't help but well up with pride every time we hear our city's name.  

Here are signs you are a true Bramptonian. 

1) The Bramelea City Center is like a walk down memory lane.

Every friday night was spent here in your teen years. The mall was always the place to be, especially after the renovations! But mainly because you will see everyone you have ever known at Bramelea; everyone.

2) When asked about Brampton you are quick to point out that the comedy genius that is Russell Peters grew up in Brampton… and Michael Cera.

These are Brampton's most famous offspring, and we'll never let you forget they're from Brampton, even if they don't actually live here anymore.

3) You know the Chinguacousy Park’s “ski hill” is a pile of Garbage, literally, but faithfully skied and tubed down it each winter.

It's no secret that Brampton's only ski hill is a grassed over landfill, but that doesn't matter! Tons of people still ski and tube down that mountain of garbage every winter with joy. We've put our waste to good use!

4) You remember when all the cramped subdivisions were fields and Mayfield was in the middle of nowhere, not beside the newest Wal-Mart.

Brampton is growing, and unfortunately that means goodbye to the corn fields that use to surround Mayfield, and hello to Walmart. At least the students no have food options at lunch!

5) You have gone to an Eldorado camp at least once in your life and as a result know every camp song under the sun.

B-A-N-A-N-A-S. The camp song, obviously. Not Gwen Stefani. Summers spent at day camp are a key part of any Brampton kid's summer and Eldorado was the place to be. Archery, hiking and swimming in their icy pool. What more could a kid want?

6) You know who the ponytail lady at Bramelea is and applaud her unique style choices.

We've all seen her. The famous pony tail woman of the Bramelea City Center who's hairstyle choices slightly resemble a unicorn. She is so well-known she even has her own Facebook fan page!

7) You know all of the wives tales like the jeep at the bottom of Professor's Lake.

Rumour has it at the bottom of professor's lake, lies a jeep. Who's jeep? No one knows. But we all know it's there. Even if there isn't actually any proof.

8) Driving through the Trinity Commons parking lot is a dangerous feat.

How can there be so many potholes in such a small area?

9) Fireworks set off in November no longer faze you. You have become well accustomed to various culture’s practices and traditions. Multiculturalism at it's most colourful !

Brampton is a diverse place, and with that comes a ton of different traditions and celebrations. In most places, fireworks are reserved for canada day and may 2-4. In Brampton, Diwali takes place in November and fireworks light up the sky, brightening those cold winter days.

10) The only acceptable activity on Canada day is going to Chinguacousy Park to watch the fireworks.

Seriously, why would you even think about going anywhere else? Chinguacousy park is really the only option.

11) Getting to go downtown Toronto was the most exciting ever, even if it was just for a school field trip.

We all rush at the chance to see "the big city". Toronto life is the dream.

12) Getting the “ Oh…. you’re from Brampton….” response every time someone asks where you’re from.

This is promptly followed by a look that is a combination between smelling something funky and slight terror. Brampton is not that bad people!

13) Lying in all your social media bios and when you’re abroad about where you’re really from.

"Living in the 6."

"From Toronto."

Brampton is not Toronto folks, no matter how many times you twitter bio says otherwise.

14) Secretly being just a tiny bit proud whenever anyone or anything mentions Brampton.

As much as we love to complain about our city, we still get excited each time we see that "Welcome to Brampton" sign. Just a little bit.

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