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14 Terrifying Escape Rooms In Ontario You’ve Got To Try With Your Friends

Because apparently life isn't scary enough!
14 Terrifying Escape Rooms In Ontario You’ve Got To Try With Your Friends

Escape rooms are totally in right now. I mean, they are so in that Sony Pictures just released a two-hour film completely dedicated to the horror of a fun-turned-terrifying escape room, with like real life death and all *cough* also known as Saw 9 *cough*.

Escape rooms manage to challenge us both mentally, physically and very emotionally. The frustration of not finding clues can make it more of a bad experience than a good one, but hey, if you’re not the competitive type who is completely okay with having your friends metaphorically killed in a zombie apocalypse - then escape rooms should totally be your thing! If you’re unsure of which escape room to try, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are some of the best rooms in Ontario that you need to check out!

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The Truth of Osaka High

Where: Mayze Games in Scarborough

@hiren58embedded via

The Truth of Osaka High tells the story of your late friend Aya who was found dead in the school’s washroom one day. Naturally, you and your friends decide to check out the abandoned and potentially haunted school at night. You know, typical high school drama.


Cabin 13

Where: Escape Manor in Ottawa

@escape_manorembedded via

Who doesn’t love a good haunted cabin story? This time, unfortunately, you’re experiencing the fear yourself instead of watching Chris Hemsworth take off his shirt on the big screen. It’s a lot less entertaining in that sense. Sigh.


The Surgeon

Where: Captive Escape Rooms in Mississauga

@captiveescaperoomsembedded via

In the summary for The Surgeon, the website claims that the man in charge has “chosen you to play his gruesome game and the clock is ticking.” If that’s a hint of a real-life Saw experiment, I’d pass. But, you know, it’s up to you . . . *whispers* your funeral.



Where: Escape Canada in London

@escape.canadaembedded via

This one has yet to actually open just yet, but from what it previews on the website . . . well, let’s just say I’m sure the wait will be worth it. If the horror genre is something that people wait for, that is.


Final Destination

Where: Roundabout Canada in Toronto

@roundaboutcanadaembedded via

I won’t lie to you, I was definitely that person growing up who temporarily put off riding roller coasters after watching Final Destination 3. But I’m sure playing Final Destination at Roundabout Canada totally wouldn’t add to my already existing PTSD. Ha ha . . . ha.



Where: Captive Escape Rooms in Toronto

@captiveescaperoomsembedded via

20 years after a young girl named Charlotte and her little sister were murdered, you and your friends play an investigative team who try to uncover the hidden secrets of the case.



Where: Narrow Escape Rooms in Oakville

@jakegomes13embedded via

This one sort of sounds like that movie where Ryan Reynolds is trapped in a coffin for two hours; and as much as I would love to be in that coffin with him, this Oakville escape room includes a Reynolds-less experience.


Let's Play A Game

Where: Alcatraz Escape Rooms in Hamilton

@alcatrazescaperoomsembedded via

Oh, good! Another Saw-inspired murder. That’s nice. Jigsaw really is a committed serial killer, but this time you have the possibility to stop him. (Because that’s worked out so well for all the murdered characters in the franchise).


Contaminated Hospital

Where: Trapped Canada in Markham

@sammauriceeembedded via

Arriving at a remote island (because of course), you and your friends come across an abandoned hospital where something is potentially creeping behind you in the shadows. Reveal the truth to get your freedom!


The Diefenbunker

Where: Escape Manor in Ottawa

@meagancyembedded via

Okay, so this one’s not exactly terrifying (unless you count being trapped in the world’s largest escape room your worst nightmare), but the Diefenbunker in Ottawa’s Escape Manor is always worth mentioning. Built between 1959 and 1961, trying to escape this Canadian Cold War artifact is definitely a memorable experience.


Twisted Woods

Where: Confundrum Escape Rooms in Burlington

@confundrumescaperoomsembedded via

Like the beginning of every hot-teen horror movie, Twisted Woods begins when you and your friends are travelling and your car runs out of gas near an abandoned cabin. Of course, that’s when the chaos begins. I’m sure one of you will survive the massacre though. One always survives.


Black Swan

Where: Freeing Canada Station in Toronto

@akkeyroomiembedded via

Not exactly a portrayal the Natalie Portman-led film that we all watched and gasped over in 2010, but this one definitely sounds just as scary. After a young ballerina was found dead in her studio, her father calls you and your friends to figure out the cause behind his daughter’s death.


The Voodoo Room

Where: The Crux Escape Rooms Inc. in St. Catharines

@earlcabalunaembedded via

Being stuck inside a room filled with gris-gris, symbology and other scary items?! Yeah, sure! Sounds like fun . . .


New Haven

Where: Confundrum Escape Rooms in Burlington

@waterdownraidersvcembedded via

Oh, look at that. Another cold case crime involving children. You’re again tasked with finding out the truth behind the “New Haven Orphanage Disappearances.” I’m sure it’ll be a real good and fun time for you and your friends.


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