I get it - really, I do. We're an apologetic people. So much so that people around the world know us as sweet, kind, and friendly. But there are times when it is not, as Justin Bieber sings, too late to say sorry - but unnecessary to say sorry. 

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You do not have to be sorry for a lot of things. Here are just a few of the things you should not be apologizing for. Enough is enough. 

1. When someone bumps into you. 

"Oh, I'm sorry you just crashed into me with your massive shoulder, sir. My bad!"

2. When you bump into an inanimate object. 

I'm sorry wall! I'm sorry chair! I'm sorry weird-corner-of-my-bed!

3. When you don't hold the door open for someone who is still a two-minute walk from the door

It would be really weird for me to stand here and wait for you to run to the open door, but I'm sorry for NOT doing that.

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4. When someone interrupts you while you're on the phone

You're having a riveting conversation about Harry Styles and someone begins waving you down like they're trying to land a plane. Not only do you say sorry to the person you're on the phone with, but the person wiling out only to ask you the time. Get a watch man!!

5. When you're actually asking someone for the time.

Why does this need an apology? Sorry I don't own a watch? K, maybe then.

6. When you're asking a stranger a question

Literally, when I went to visit my friends in Florida, "Sorry, do you know where this hotel is?" And their response was, "Are you Canadian??" Are manners a Canadian thing or???

7. When you're helping someone else out

"Sorry, miss? You dropped your wallet!" What am I sorry for, being a good person??

8. When you minorly inconvenience someone

Like awkwardly grabbing the same banana at Loblaws. Dude, it's fine. Don't say sorry about this.

9. Stepping around someone at a public event

Otherwise known as "Sorry dancing". "Oh, sorry - Oh, no I'm sorry, haha we're dancing now! Sorry!"

10. When someone accidentally hurts you 

You stepped on my foot. Why am I apologizing.

11. Being nervous during a speech or presentation 

Dude, saying sorry just makes you look unprepared. Maybe say "wow" instead! A fun transition word.

12. For taking your time while doing something

"Sorry, I just want this to be amazing." No need for that s-word. Get it, girl.

13. For sneezing

Ok this is natural.

14. For apologizing too much

It's in your great, Canadian nature. Sorry, not sorry.

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