Canada is a multicultural society but that doesn’t mean it has no staples which make it different from other countries. Perhaps there are various types of brands around the world which produce similar products, but you cannot compare them to those that are in Canada.

How do you define Canada? That is a common question many people ask Canadians. The first answer will most likely be maple syrup but let me tell you, there are several things you won't see anywhere but Canada:

1. Bagged Milk

Everyone makes fun of Canadians for bagged milk. You'd be surprised how many Americans are amused.

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2. Lays Ketchup Chips

Let's be real, Canadians are obsessed with ketchup chips.

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3. Holt Renfrew

Holts isn't as expensive as other luxury fashion stores around the world. Of course you won't score the same deals at Walmart, but you can definitely save a couple of bucks in comparison to Saks.

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4. Coffee Crisp

What can we say? Canadians love their coffee.

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5. Caesars

There is a huge different between Bloody Marys and Caesars. All Canadians will vouch because TOMATO juice does not taste the same as Clamato. Also, from my experience you can't find a full out meal on a Bloody Mary.

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6. Kraft Dinner

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (in the US) is not the same as Kraft Dinner. Did you know that Canadians eat Kraft dinner 55% more than American mac and cheese?

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7. Creative Road Signs

If you can't understand them, figure it out.

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8. BeaverTails

There's nothing better then satisfying the sweet-tooth with BeaverTails. Deep fried dough desserts do exist in other countries but let's be honest, none of them are as good as BeaverTails.

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9. No Pennies!

Canada use to have pennies, but in 2013 we said goodbye to them!

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10. Spelling

We're an English speaking country, but we spell things differently. For example, it's "colour" not "color."

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11. Maple Leaf Cream Cookies

The foremost and best cookie in Canada, with cream and maple.

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12. Real Maple Syrup

Not Aunt Jemima.

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13. Poutine With Real Cheese Curds

It's not the same as mozza with gravy and fries, you have got to have the cheese curds. Yes, the squeaky cheese curds... Yum.

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14. Jail Hostel

You'll only see a jail hostel in Canada. If you’re brave enough spend a night in one of Ottawa's hotel cells.

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