If you're a girl living in the city, chances are you're busy as hell. Don't we all need to work 50 hours a week to pay for sky rocketing rent, a metropass and alcohol? Whether you're working 3 jobs or just trying to build your empire, being a Toronto girl, ain't always easy. 

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Are you a city girl who is broke tired and ready to give up? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this one is for you. Here are 9 lazy girl city hacks to get you through life: 

1. Download Rocketman.

Rocketman is your friend. Never wait 27 minutes for the subway or stand in the rain for the streetcar ever again.

2. Trying to get your yoga guru on? 

You can go to free yoga classes at Toronto Public Library and select Lululemon locations.

3. Download the Flipp App

Discounts at grocery stores. Never over spend on coconut oil ever again!!!!

4. Buy your hangover food before you go out.

We all know there's nothing better than second day Chinese food from Canton Chili. Buy before, and your hungover self will thank you later.

5. Download the TTC Efficiency Guide.

Thank me later.

6. Pack flats in your bag before a night out.

Stumbling down King West at 2:00am in heels and embarrassing, and blisters are not cute or fun.

7. Cabs are here!

Can't catch a cab on Front St. after a concert or sports game? Walk down the side streets a block north. Less crowds = more cabs.

8. Make $$$ quick.

Need some extra cash and have extra clothes you don't wear? Kind Exchange will take your old clothes in exchange for cash!

9. Gym membership = so last year.

Why waste money on a gym membership when Toronto health gurus exist! Follow Emma Troupe, Eva Redpath or Mia Mazin for tips and tricks without spending tons of money.

10. General pro tip!

If there is an empty seat on a packed streetcar, there is a reason it's empty. Proceed with caution.

11. Get a Toronto library card.

This little card gets you access to tons of good stuff. Online resources, e-books, exclusive memberships and more!

12. Student discounts are life. 

Take advantage of all the discounts there are before it's too late! Check out some of them here.

13. Food delivery is always necessary.

Never complain about being too lazy to get food ever again. Toronto has tons of food delivery services including: Uber Eats, Foodora and Just Eat.

14. Eyelash extensions are a girl's best friend.

Does any girl even have time for mascara anymore? Eyelash extensions are the ULTIMATE lazy girl life hack. check out these Toronto eyelash extension salons that do the best job.

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