Yes, winter is definitely in full swing.  But that does not mean you have to change your diet, especially if you're craving ice cream.  Toronto understands that these types of cravings just don't go away, which is why they have so many incredible ice cream shops that are open year-round!

We have compiled a list of 13 Toronto ice cream shops for you to check out this holiday season.  Be sure to head to a few of these this winter!

Treat yo'self Toronto!

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1. MOJI // 8362 Kennedy Rd

Moji is an amazing Japanese inspired spot that serves up some of the most unique ice cream flavours in Markham!

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2. CutiePie Cupcakes // 235 Spadina Ave #2.

CutiePie Cupcakes is home to the one and only unicorn soft serve! They also offer super yummy cotton candy lattes that would pair perfectly with your sweet treat.

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3. Fugo Desserts // 205 Dundas St W.

Fugo is on the top of my dessert bucket list, warning: looking through their Instagram will give you SERIOUS cravings.

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4. Arctic Bites // 21 Baldwin St.

Arctic Bites is an adorable spot that serves up any flavour of polar rolls you could ever dream of!

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5. Junked Food Co. // 1256 Dundas St W.

Junked Food Co. is known for their decadent and over the top cones. If you're a sucker for all things sweet, then this is the place for you.

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6. Dolce Gelato Cafe // 697 College St.

Dolce Gelato Cafe has some of the most delicious gelato in the city. Both their cookies and cream and lemon flavours are absolutely mouthwatering.

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7. La Diperie // 372 Danforth Ave.

La Diperie is a popular Montreal ice cream shop that made its way to Toronto earlier this summer, and we are so glad they did! These amazing cones are totally customizable, perfect for anybody on the pickier side.

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8. Dutch Dreams // 36 Vaughan Rd.

Dutch Dreams may have some of the most photogenic ice cream in the city. These cones are topped with cotton candy, fresh fruit and an assortment of other goodies, YUM!

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9. The Red Bench // 611 Yonge St. 

Who can say no to a pink velvet ice cream cookie sandwich?! These amazing creations are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth's cravings.

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10. Scoop Shop // 808 Dundas St W. 

Scoop Shop is an adorable little Toronto ice cream shop known for their deliciously creamy cones and awesome ice cream sandwiches.

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11. Bang Bang Ice Cream // 93 Ossington Ave.

Bang Bang Ice cream has a new and unique take on waffle cones that every ice cream enthusiast needs to try!

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12. Roselle // 362 King St E.

Roselle serves up some of the cities most delicious French-inspired desserts. This is another place you'll definitely have to add to your ice cream bucket list.

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13. Kekou Gelato // 394 Queen St. W.

Kekou Gelato is the perfect place to go for those flavours that aren't usually available in your typical ice cream shop. Featured above is the jasmine green tea, tofu almond, and HK milk tea!

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