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14 Ways To Make Friends When You're New To Toronto

Torontonians have good vibes.
14 Ways To Make Friends When You're New To Toronto

Making the move to a new city can be very nerve wrecking. The idea of having to start off fresh in an unknown environment may overwhelm you, especially when it comes to making new friends.

Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America, that means there are plenty of people for you to meet. The question is, how do you do it? For this article, we'll stay away from the bar/club scene and instead offer you a list of unique activities that will help you make friends when you're new to Toronto:

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 1. Go to a TorontoBabel gathering

TorontoBabel is a language exchange group, that hosts gatherings every Wednesday from 7-11 pm. This diverse organization provides an opportunity to learn and teach over 20 different languages and meet people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

2. Sing along & have a drink @ BMB Karaoke & Lounge

Not all of us are vocally talented, but who said you can't enjoy singing along to a couple of tunes? Let's be honest, it's all for shits and giggles. All you need is the rock star confidence and all the people in the room will become your number 1 fan. Everyone is super friendly at karaoke bars because you're all there for the same reason, that is to have a good time.

3. Attend FoodDrink  meets with Eventbrite 

There's a designated page on Evenbrite that lists all the food & drink events happening across the city. From different festivals, restaurants and workshops, you can check out the coolest places to food and booze with new people.

4. Have dinner with a random @ RNDMDNR

RNDMDNR literally stands for random dinner."Try new restaurants, make new friends and open yourself to new experiences." Engage in interesting conversations and establish new connections while having dinner with somebody you don't even know. RNDMDNR is a spontaneous, unique and exciting way of making new friends.

5. Enjoy the beauty of wine @ the iYellow Wine Club 

Make new friends and discover everything you need to know about winewith iYellow Wine Club. Check out a variety of classes, events, tours and meet the most down-to-earth everyday people, those of course being wine enthusiasts. Let's be real here, a conversation is always better over a glass of wine.

6. Express your love for animals @ Purina Pawsway 

Bring your pooch along to Purina Pawsway to meet other pet owners and animals. If you're looking to make new friends in the city you should provide the same opportunity for your dog or cat. What a puuuurrrfect way to mingle!!!

7. Go to Real Sports Bar to support a Toronto team.

Toronto is known to have the biggest fan base for all sport teams. Whether you're looking for a place to watch the Jays,Raptors,Leafs or TFC game, Real Sports Bar is the best bar to watch a game and meet new people if you're new to the city.

8.  Laugh it off @ The Corner Comedy Club 

Funny friends are awesome friends. Everyone needs a friend with a great sense of humour, therefore you should check out The Corner Comedy club to make new friends and laugh till your stomach hurts.

9. Make a pair of shoes @ The Art & Sole Academy.

You're guaranteed to make new friends at any type of workshop. There are a variety of them to choose from in Toronto but The Art & Sole Academy hosts extraordinary shoe making classes. Turn your love for shoes into an actual hobby and meet new people while making a new pair of kicks.

Photo cred - @torontowildlifecentre

10. Volunteer with Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Do you have a big heart for animals? Toronto Wildlife Centre provides thorough training for volunteer positions to hand feed and overlook orphaned animals. Spend a couple of hours per day nurturing wildlife and bond with people who have the same amount of love and care for animals as you do.

11. Take an improv class @ Bad Dog Theatre.

Step out of your comfort zone and take an improv class at Bad Dog Theatre. Improv attracts all types of people and will allow you to gain friends with a variety of different personalities. Confidence is key but no experience is necessary, just bring your sense of humour along!

12. Go on a scavenger hunt in Toronto with Urban Capers.

It's key to work as a team when you're on a scavenger hunt (such an exciting way to make new friends!) Urban Capers gathers fellow Torontonians to participate in unique hunts to find the answers to tricky questions, working in groups of two to six people. You can purchase your tickets on their website here.

13. Learn how to cook and eat delicious food @ Dish Cooking Studio 

Who doesn't like to eat delicious food? Touch up your cooking skills and take a class at the Dish Cooking Studio. There are several classes to choose from that will help you meet new people with similar taste buds.

14. Keep up with Collective Arts Brewing events.

From beer gardens to festivals, Collective Arts Brewing (a craft brewer based in Ontario) is up to date with all the beerest events happening in the GTA.

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