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15 Best Things About Growing Up In The Toronto Suburbs

Suburbs over city streets.
15 Best Things About Growing Up In The Toronto Suburbs

Toronto doesn't always have to mean streetcars, busy bike lanes and one way streets. Outside of the downtown core there are a lot of Toronto spots that are much more relaxed, and away from all the noise and chaos that is the city.

So if you grew up in the suburbs, and always wondered if you're missing out on the city life, you probably aren't. So here are some of the best thing about growing up in Toronto's suburbs, proving the grass isn't always greener on the other side!

1. Commuting isn't the only option.

Living in the suburbs taught you that the TTC doesn't always have to be your only option. You have the option to drive (the best option), take the train, call a cab or Uber or even ride your bike.

2. You still know how to navigate the city.

Just because you're not in the downtown core, it doesn't mean you're not from Toronto. As a person from the suburbs, a good sense of direction is acquired through fairly spaced out travels, so even when you don't like in the city you can still find your way around.

3. City life is like an occasional treat.

When you're in the city, it feels like a mini vacation from the quiet norm you live in the suburbs. It just makes time there feel extra special!

4. You are blessed with peaceful quiet nights.

You rarely ever hear noises at night, which means your grew up getting lots of sleep, because no one wants to hear blaring horns at midnight.

5. You don't have to deal with crowds on a regular.

There were only certain areas where you have to deal with crowds in the suburbs, such as in malls, grocery stores or whenever you ventured into the city!

6. You're used to breathing in clean air.

Clean air is a privilege in the suburbs! This doesn't mean air in the city is necessarily dirty, it just smells bad, often.

7. Buying large objects are never a problem.

We've all seen that one guy lugging a desk from Home Sense onto the TTC, and you can't help to feel sorry for him, knowing that transporting something like that in the suburbs is way easier!

8. You don't live in the country, so things are still conveniently nearby. 

The suburbs doesn't mean you're living out in the middle of nowhere (that's what people from the city sometimes think). In fact, you're probably a five minute driving distance away from all your necessities including grocery stores, the gym, fast food places and department stores.

9. The only traffic you have to endure is on the highway.

Traffic in city streets is the norm. Luckily in suburbs you avoid all of that and only have to face it on major roads or highways. Plus there are so many shortcuts that you can help you avoid traffic altogether.

10. Packed subway cars aren't a part of your daily routine.

Waking up early to cram yourself into a packed subway cart that feels like it's going to explode is not a typical thing to do in the suburbs. Even the buses aren't that crammed, so public transit in the suburbs is still a breeze in comparison.

11. You are central to other areas and not just the city.

Yes you might not be in the city, but the 15 minute drive to get down there surely doesn't hurt. Also going 15 minutes out into other directions can take you to other cool places too!

12. You have a good sense of direction outside of Toronto.

Because you can't rely on subway or streetcar maps to guide you, you've developed your own keen sense of direction (with occasional help from your trustee GPS). So that way, whenever you leave Toronto you still know where you're headed.

13. You save a lot of money not partying every weekend. 

One thing's for sure about the city's convenience factor: you are close to some cool bars and clubs, like walking distance close. But if you're in the suburbs, those clubs and bars could mean a little or long drive.

14. You have tons of parks and nature walks all around you!

The best part of the suburbs is having nature at your fingertips. There are so many parks, you don't have to worry about them being crowded. The grass to concrete ratio is equal and balanced!

15. You have lots of space!

Literally space for anything! Whether it's your yard, parking spaces or your own closet, there's always an abundance of space and places to put things.

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