Green tea GANG. Anyone with a shred of taste can tell you that matcha is truly the Maybe it's the colour that creates some suspicion - since as a society we've reserved green for goblins, garbage monsters on Sesame Street and vegetables we avoided like the plague. 

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But don't worry y'all, no need to fear. We're grown ass adults that fully understand that green is good - and extra yummy when mixed in with some delicious matcha. 

You can get it in a smoothie, softserve, cakes and creams. We hunted down the best matcha food restaurants in the city to satisfy that sweet, green tooth. 

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1. Millie Patisserie & Creamery // 12 Oxley St.

Millie does French pastries with asian matcha flare. This light matcha crepes will melt together before they melt in your mouth.

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2. RSquared Cafe // 668 Queen St. W. 

Rsquared kills the matcha latte game. Perfectly milled, smooth, and sweet with not a clump to be seen.

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3. Wooffles & Cream // 8360 Kennedy Rd.

This delicious matcha soft serve pairs perfectly with Hong Kong style waffles for a fun and aesthetically pleasing treat.

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4. Easy Drink Easy Go //  482 Dundas St. W.

Matcha pudding anyone? Easy Drink Easy Go makes a bunch of different matcha treats - but who could resist the childlike wonder of pudding?!

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5. Neo Coffee Bar // 100-161 Frederick St.

Neo has really nailed the art of Japanese roll cakes. These speciality pasteries art filled with soft, matcha cake and a red bean centre. Wash them down with one of the best matcha lattes in town!

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6. Hapa Izakaya // Various Locations 

Creme brulee is already bomb, but why not make it extra explosive with matcha?! Beautifully made, this dessert is good enough to make a matcha-hater convert.

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7. Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake // Various Locations 

Uncle Tetsu's doesn't stop at matcha cheesecake or softserve even - their madelines, seen on top of icecream here, are melt in your mouth delicious.

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8. Moonbeam Coffee Company //  30 St. Andrew St. 

Moonbeam is not only famous for coffee, but delicious matcha tea!

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9. Butter Avenue // Various Locations

Butter's matcha macarons are iconic and for good reason. The flavour is defined, but not bitter - soft and sweet.

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10. Matcha Tea & Dessert // 407 Spadina Ave. 

This place is all matcha, all the time. Come on over for lattes, lava cakes, softserve and more!

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11. TSUJIRI // 147 Dundas St. W. 

This Japanese chain is super famous for their soft serve. They also have regular match teas and bubble teas for you to peruse through!

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12. RoyalTea // 4188 Finch Ave E

Matcha waffle baby! WITH matcha icecream. The perfect combo.

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13. Light Cafe // 23 Baldwin Ave. 

Try their charcoal waffles with a matcha shake for a dope colour combo!

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14. Tendou Matcha & Dessert // 3621 York Regional Rd 7

Matcha flavoured creme brulees, teas, soft-serve and more is what you can expect from Tendou!

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15. Maman Toronto // 100 King Street W. 

Maman is famous for their adorable matcha green tea pancakes, as well as their delish lattes.