14 Bucket List Restaurants Every True Toronto Foodie Needs To Try

This one is for the true food lovers.
14 Bucket List Restaurants Every True Toronto Foodie Needs To Try

Hey foodie. Yeah, you! Why else would you have clicked this article?

You probably like food...okay, you probably LOVE food. And sure everyone these days claims to be a food expert, but the difference is, you actually are. Food isn't just something you eat because it's a basic part of life, it's something that brings you endless happiness, gives you reason to live, and is basically the only thing you really care about....okay fine, we won't go that far.

You are the first person to know about a new restaurant, love experimenting with new flavours, and have yet to find a cuisine you don't like. Here's a few more restaurants you've probably already heard of, because let's be honest, you're the expert here, but should definitely add to your list!

Alo // 163 Spadina Ave

Alo has become a staple 'foodie' restaurant since it opened in Toronto a little over a year ago. The restaurant has perfected modern French cuisine with it's out-of-this world tasting menu, that changes often. The decor is simple and elegant, complimenting the food effortlessly. The whole experience is complete with experienced staff that really know their stuff. Reservations may take months to get, but the wait is 10000% worth it!

Boralia // 59 Ossington Ave

This restaurant has taken fine dining and gave it a truly awesome Canadian twist. Their menu is inspired by traditional Aboriginal dishes, as well as the recipes of early settlers and immigrants of the 18th and 19th centuries. Basically think incredible game, like pan-roasted elk , and super fresh fish, like cured trout grilled over cedar branches.

The Good Fork // 2432 Bloor St S

This awesome bistro, with a constantly rotating menu, focuses on what most foodies understand best: seasonal ingredients! They also have a extensive brunch menu including omlettes, bennies, and 'sweet thangs'. Brunch= true foodie bliss.

The Commodore // 1265 Queen St W

This nautical restaurant boasts an amazing seafood menu. Treat yo' self to the seafood tower, you know you want to. Or instead enjoy their seafood brunch which everyone's favourite: Octopus frittata, complete with caramelized onions, romesco sauce and spicy chorizo... that description alone will have you making a reservation.

Midfield Wine Bar & Tavern // 1434 Dundas St W.

Most true foodies also enjoy a good glass of wine. Enter: Midfield Wine Bar & Tavern, one of Toronto's true few wine bars. It has a great menu to shareable, eclectic plates like the duck fried rice or the chili shrimp stuffed arepas. This is the perfect place for the wine connoisseur foodie.

Momofuko Shoto // 190 University Ave

Part of the Momofuko family, the second you walk into the all glass structure that houses the restaurant, you know you're in for a treat. They only have a seasonal tasting menu because as a true foodie knows, sometimes its best to leave the decision making up to the chef. The menu takes Ontario's diverse produce and flavours and gives them an Asian flare.

Buca // Multiple Locations

No foodie is above a slice of za, but a foodie will take it to the next level and go to this amazing restaurant. Currently, there are two locations: Buca King St. and Buca Yorkville, both with their own special items unique to it's menu. One must try dish at either restaurant is the duck-egg bigoli pasta with duck ragu. You can thank us later.

People's Eatery // 307 Spadina Ave

From the guys that brought you 416 Snackbar, comes this awesome spot. People's Eatery is focused on showcasing Toronto's ultra unique food culture. They mix a variety of cultures and cuisines. Try their tasting menu to experience everything from Spanish octopus to Jewish latkes to Chinese Peking Duck. Talk about diversity!

Patois // 794 Dundas St W

A foodie's true calling is trying new foods and experimenting with crazy flavour combinations. That's why every true Toronto foodie needs to head to Patois. They expertly blend a Caribbean and Asian cuisine to create a totally unique food experience. Go all out and try their 'Chef's Table Feast' with the help of come friends.

Bar Isabel // 797 College St

Foodies don't mess around when it comes to tapas. We know that often quality is more important than quantity and the small plates at Bar Isabel definitely hold true to this notion. You can't go wrong with this Spanish-inspired restaurant, with its ambient decor and super friendly staff. The must-try plate? The octopus that comes in quarter, half, and whole portions!

Byblos // 11 Duncan St

Usually when we think Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, we think super traditional dishes and the decor to match. Byblos takes a totally different, fresh approach to it's contemporary dishes and space.  The white-bricked airy interior decorated with geometric tiles and soft Eastern touches, matches well with the shared-plates menu of wood-oven pide (pictured above), fragrant rice, and other delights. If you could only order one thing get the slow braised Ontario lamb shoulder.

Le Select Bistro // 432 Wellington St W

Most foodies have a soft spot for fine French fare. If you fall into this category of tartare, fois gras-loving Torontonians, this is the spot for you.  This darling bistro is everything you could want from a French bistro. Tucked away just a street away from busy King St W, sitting out on their patio in the summer will definitely transport you to the land of love. Speaking of love, you will love their cheesy croque-monsieur or rich duck confit! Oh and there's about 1,000 bottles of different wines. Salute!

Mamakas Taverna // 80 Ossington Ave

This Greek taverna is an amazing spot every food lover should visit because of it's amazing ability to combine the old with the new. The owner was inspired by his grandmother's dishes and that 'home-y', authentic vibe is well-pronounced in the restaurants dishes. The decor however Can't go wrong with some fresh spanakopita!

Playa Cabana Hacienda // 14 Dupont St.

You can't make a must-try list without at least some mention of tacos. Playa Cabana Hacienda is as good as tacos can get in Toronto and the funky rustic decor doesn't hurt either. We highly suggest grabbing some friends and getting one of the 'Party Menus' that are served family style. Ole!

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