19 Bucket List Things To Do In Hamilton

How many thing have you done?
19 Bucket List Things To Do In Hamilton

Looking for a day trip away from the city? If you grew up in Hamilton, you know how truly awesome it is. If you want to explore a city full of history, outdoor adventure and fun nightlife and restaurants! Hamilton has tons of places for a trip with friends or a date!

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With tons to see and do, we've complied a bucketlist of things to do this summer in Hamilton. So grab some friends and take a trip to Hamilton and conquer this list of things you MUST do:

1. Hamilton Harbour and Waterfront // 47 Discovery Dr

Relax by the beautiful Hamilton harbour and enjoy the beautiful waterfront!

2. Dundurn Castle // 610 York Blvd

Dundurn castle, built in 1830 will make you feel like a prince or princess! Take a tour of the 40 room castle and experience royalty for a day.

3. Grab a coffee before you explore

You can complete a bucketlist without some coffee! Check out this amazing Hamilton cafes for breakfast before your adventures!

4. Albion Falls  // 885 Mountain Brow Blvd 

Albion falls is a waterfall by the Niagara Escarpment in Red Hill Valley, in Hamilton. This beautiful waterfall will bring out your explorer side!

5. True Brew Path // 65 Hatt St

This excursion is a MUST for beer lovers! The True Brew Path is a 110km route beginning in Milton that extends to Hamilton. Think you can conquer the path and hit all the breweries listed?

6. Anchor Bar // 120 King St W

For all chicken wing lovers, Anchor Bar has you covered. This bar originated in Buffalo, NY and has since opened up locations in the GTA (If you're feeling brave, try the Abandon Ship Hot! Flavour) you'll go overboard for these wings!

7. Gage Park // 1000 Main St E

Looking for an awesome place to walk around and breathe fresh air? There are tons of things to do and festivals happening during the summer that are totally worth the visit!

8. Hess Village // Hess Rd

Exploring nature by day, party by night. Check out Hess Village for Hamilton's coolest bars and clubs like: Casbah, Hush, Sidebar or The Social

9. Staircase Theatre // 27 Dundurn St North

This arts and culture hub is super cute and hosts many cool events and parties! This cafe by day event space by night is a must for any artsy explorer. 

10. Westdale Village's Cupcakes // 1050 King St W

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Westdale Village's Cupcakes! Hamilton's first bakery devoted strictly to cupcakes will not leave you unsatisfied. Looking for more sweets? 

11. Conspiracy Comics Games and Animes // 844 King St W

Geek out at Conspiracy Comics! All of your comic needs can be met! With comics, graphic novels, t-shirts, anime, manga, posters and much more, this store is a must for comic lovers.

12. Hamilton Waterfront Scoops Ice Cream Parlour // 47 Discovery Dr

After a hot day of exploring the Hamilton Waterfront, cool off with delicious ice cream from Hamilton Waterfront Scoops! Craving more sweets? Add this list of dessert places to your bucket list.

13. Westdale Theatre // 1014 King St W 

This small old movie theatre is the best for any non-mainstream film junkie. Featuring an aray of classic films, visit Westdale Theatre for an old school movie experience!

14. Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra // 10 MacNab St 

Calling all music lovers! The Hamilton Philharmonic has some amazing shows this season, relax to the beautiful sounds of Mozart and Beethoven. (Thanks to the Get Cultured program, if you're a McMaster student, you can hear these shows for $10)!

15. After a night out, get some brunch!

Everyone's favourite after a night out meal, there are tons of amazing spots to get brunch in Hamilton! See how many you can hit on this list!

16. Hamilton Military Museum // 610 York Blvd

If you're a history junkie, the Hamilton Military Museum is the place for you! With tons of cool exhibits and workshops, spend the day enhancing your knowledge!

17. Go to the Arcade Bar

The perfect date spot or a hangout with friends, the arcade bar is perfect for everyone! Looking for more date spots? See how many of these places you and bae can go to.

18. Starlite Drive-In // 59 Green Mountain Rd E

Kick back in your car for an old school movie night at the Starlite Drive In! Indulge in all your favourite snacks and enjoy a summer night watching movies under the stars! A perfect date spot, or hangout with friends!

19. Grab a delicious dinner 

After completing all the things on this list, reward yourself with an amazing dinner at one of these incredible places!

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