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15 Complete Bullshit Excuses As To Why He Didn't Answer Your Text

Perhaps he just sucks at keeping in touch or maybe he just doesn't want to talk to you. The truth hurts but honestly sometimes there are certain excuses a guy can come up with that are completely ridiculous.

Is he playing mind games with you? Here's a list of 15 complete bullshit excuses as to why he didn't answer your text, that will give you your answer girl:

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1. Sorry, I was charging my phone.

So what, you didn't look at it to check if its at 100%?

2. I was at the gym.

And you don't listen to music while you lift bro?

3. I was watching TV.

Who ever only watches one screen?

4. I was asleep.

Oh really? Because I just saw you like 10 different photos on Instagram.

5. I was out with boys.

But you can answer them, when you're with me?

6. I left my phone at home.

Who doesn't turn around once they realize their phone was left at home? You're lying cause you sprinted back to get it.

7. I forgot.

The only people you actually forget to text back are your parents and the people you don't like.

8. My phone was on silent.

And you didn't check it at least once?

9. My phone died.

It said the message was delivered.

10. There was no signal.

So you didn't care enough to find one?

11. My dog died.

You sure he didn't eat your homework?

12. I was in a meeting.

Ok maybe you had one that was an hour... But 5 hours?

13. I was drunk.

Yes you may have been completely shit faced. But then, you squinted your eyes, looked at your phone and went to sleep.

14. I thought I pressed send!!!

You didn't wonder why there was no response?

15. I didn't think I had to answer.

No you just let me have the last word.

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