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15 Date Ideas For Toronto Couples That Are Lazy AF

Sleep > Everything.
15 Date Ideas For Toronto Couples That Are Lazy AF

It's Fall, and with the colder weather comes a lot less incentive to go outside to do things, especially if you and your partner are at the stage in your relationship where you can just hang out and binge watch a ridiculous amount of episodes of Scandal wearing exclusively sweatpants do nothing together. Though, it's good for even the laziest of couples to get out and have some fun outside of the comfort of their own home every so often. 

Luckily, these things to do in the city are the perfect chilled out yet still fun spots and activities that will appeal to any and every kind of lazy couple. So change out of those sweatpants and get ready for a good time! 

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Fancy Frank's // 453 Queen St W 

What's better than hot dogs?! Seriously this has got to be the most effortless yet incredibly delicious food venture you can take in the city. Not only does it take little to no time to get your order, but you can choose from either the signature hot dogs they offer or build your own. Plus, they just started selling mini donuts covered in hot Nutella so it's more so a question of when you are going not if!

via @d.unjaa

Mother's Dumplings // 421 Spadina Ave 

Mother's Dumplings is a great spot in the city to eat for multiple reasons. For starters, it's dirt cheap and the food is incredible, seriously they host the best dumplings the city has to offer! Another great reason though, that will definitely cater to lazier couples is that there is zero need to dress up as the ambience is very laid back!

via @thoughtfulmisfit

Grand Electric // 1330 Queen W 

You can never go wrong with tacos, especially in a city where it's practically 90% of the population's backbone. Grand Electric is definitely one of the taco spots you should prioritize though, with a homey ambience, great drinks and fresh tacos you are guaranteed a great dinner!

via @ellenmichaelmurphy

Pizzeria Libretto // 550 Danforth Ave 

Who doesn't love pizza?! If you haven't stopped by Pizzeria Libretto yet you have yet to enjoy some of the best pizza in the city. From freshly made and customized pies to their signature dishes, this spot is a great place to go to if you are looking for a place that has a bit more of a put together vibe (but don't worry you still don't have to dress up).

via @wonderbabee

Gusto 101 // 101 Portland St 

Gusto 101 is the place to get your carbs fix in the city. From pasta to pizza to antipasto you will surely not only be able to load up on carbs but also on incredible Italian cuisine!

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Locals Only // 589 King St W 

This is a great spot to go if you are looking for a relaxed night out for some drinks and small plates. Considering the small space, it's great for if you are looking to avoid a big crowd but still want to be a part of a lively ambience. You can grab some great cocktails at this spot as well as some oysters before conveniently revisiting the bathroom a few times to snap the perfect selfie for Instagram.

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The Gaslight // 1426 Bloor St W 

This small spot in the Junction is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to grab a drink in a cozy and charming space. While it's definitely a small spot, you'll be too focused on the homey food, fun cocktails and feel of the space.

via @hagglundn

Get Well // 1181 Dundas St W 

This bar is founded on two things, craft beer and vintage arcade games- both make for a great time. Between the eccentric design inside paired with the (still working!) arcade games that you can play and a few pints, you'll have a great time!

via @apt200to

Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St W 

Apt 200 is a great place to visit if you are looking for a more lively night out but also don't want to spend the entire night getting your feet stepped on by some girl in a bandage dress. They've got a killer interior that could please any aesthetic enthusiast and a pool table that makes for something to do when you're tired of dancing.

via @nadjem_fethi

Cameron House // 408 Queen St W 

Cameron House is full of character from the design of the interior to the local acts that play weekly. If you are looking to just sit back with some great food and a good drink while enjoying some live music from local talent, this is definitely the bar to go to!

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Get some laughs in at Yuk Yuk's.

Yuk Yuk's is a great spot to visit if you and your partner and looking to just sit back, relax and enjoy a good show. This spot always has some great local comedic acts going on that are sure to have you on your stomach laughing.

via @lenodbozzer

Go to Trivia Night at The Drake. 

Who doesn't love a good trivia night? This makes for not only a great date night for lazy couples but also a great idea for a double date. So make sure to invite a fellow lazy couple that has brushed up on their trivial facts so you've got the best chance at winning!

via @iambusydee

Catch a movie at Imagine Cinemas. 

There are a ton of great movies coming out that you and your partner are probably waiting to get released online or shifted to Netflix, but why not go out and see it in theatres instead?! With admission only costing $5 at Imagine Cinemas on Tuesdays, it's the perfect way to plan a movie date on the cheap!

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Visit the AGO.

The AGO has got to be one of the most chilled out spaces in the city, so if you are a lazy person looking for a serene spot to look around and explore- visit the AGO! From the new Guillermo exhibit to the standard ones that can be found year round in the gallery, you'll leave feeling inspired instead of tired!

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Binge watch Stranger Things at Trinity Bellwoods.

Stranger Things season two is just a few days away, but if you are looking to spruce up your binge-watching life with your partner even slightly, look no further. While it may be getting a little cold, that's nothing that some blankets can't fix! Opt to order some great take out on UberEats and set up your laptop in the park for the perfect streaming spot!

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