Hockey season has officially started, and if you aren't even remotely a sports fan, you are probably trying to figure out how you can scam your boyfriend into missing a game to go grab dinner. Luckily for you, you don't have to completely take him away from the game to enjoy a good night out that isn't completely focused on sports. 

These spots are guaranteed to please the sports lover in your partner as well as the not so sports lover in you! Whether you are looking for fun sports bars, great food in general or even activities your sporty partner would like, we've got it all! 

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Fancy Frank's // 453 Queen St W 

You may not be into watching sports, but you can't say you don't enjoy the food served up at them! Check out Fancy Frank's to treat your partner to some sporty foods and some quality time with you (minus the game)!

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Kelly's Landing // 123 Front St W 

Kelly's Landing is a great spot if you are looking to grab some great food and drinks with your partner but they also want to catch some of the game while you guys are out. This resto has TVs everywhere so your BF definitely doesn't have to worry about missing a play!

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Double D's // 1020 Gerrard St E 

Who doesn't love deep dish pizza?! You won't have to venture all the way to Chi-town to enjoy this awesome food considering there's two different locations in Toronto to choose from! These pizzas are made to order and if you order condiments, the pizzas are packed with them- you definitely get a bang for your buck!

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Rudy // 619 College St 

You can't mess with a perfectly good burger, and that's exactly what you get at Rudy's. It's pretty common that sports lovers also happen to be burger lovers, so what better way to cap off a day with your bae then to grab some burgers?!

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The Dirty Bird // 79 Kensington Ave 

This chicken and waffles spot in Kensington is incredibly delicious and should already be on your bucket list. If it wasn't already though, you should definitely consider bringing your sporty partner here ASAP.

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Real Sports // 15 York St 

Of course, Real Sports is one of the first bars on this list! It's practically the ultimate sports bar experience in the city. From the massive TV inside to the dozens of smaller TV's that can be found throughout the entire restaurant, your partner can catch all the action while you both enjoy some great food and company!

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Dog & Bear // 1100 Queen St W 

If you are looking for a sports bar that doesn't feel too much like an actual sports bear, definitely go to Dog & Bear. The interior is more like a cool bar in general, sans a crazy sporty presence.

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Nightowl // 647 College St 

If you are looking to steer out of the sports bar territory to something a little more eccentric and different, consider Nightowl! This fun bar has a killer interior that will 100% distract your BF from the fact that he's missing the game and instead probably will be too busy battling it out with you over the arcade games to care!

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Ballroom Bowl // 145 John St 

The great thing about Ballroom Bowl is that this spot kills two birds with one stone. For your BF, the game is played on TVs inside, for you, you can play a couple rounds of bowling while the game is going on!

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The Contender // 1166 Dundas W 

This is a very no-frills sports bar spot, but they've got a great selection of sports arena inspired food that will definitely make you happy about going out to watch the game again. From soft pretzels to fresh hot dogs, you'll be too busy trying to figure out what to eat to realize you've given into your BF's wishes again!

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BATL Ground // 33 Villiers St  

Who hasn't wanted to throw an axe at least once in their life?! While this could definitely serve as some great couples therapy, your relationship definitely doesn't need to be on the rocks to enjoy this spot!

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Archery District // 770 Birchmount Rd 

Archery tag anyone?! This is a great idea for if you are looking for a great spot to enjoy a group date. So grab as many friends as you can because the more is definitely the merrier for this game!

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Escape Room 

Sporty people tend to also be pretty competitive, so what better partner to have in an escape room than your sport loving BF? There are a ton of different escape rooms all over Toronto to choose from, so whether you are looking for something super spooky or a real brain puzzler, there is definitely something for you and your bae!

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SPiN // 461 King St W 

Ping pong and beer?! Say no more! There honestly could not be a more perfect offer and I'm sure your partner would agree if you suggest it instead of staying in to watch the game!

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Track & Field // 860 College St 

Track & Field is a great spot if you are looking to grab some drinks but also do something other than just hang by the bar. At this bar they've got bocce ball and shuffleboard, so whether you bring friends to face off with or play with some strangers, it's guaranteed to be a great time!