15 Different Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday In Toronto Other Than Going For Dinner

You can do better than a birthday dinner.
15 Different Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday In Toronto Other Than Going For Dinner

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So it is finally your birthday, but you can't decide how you should celebrate it. You aren't into doing a plain, old birthday dinner with your friends because you do that every year. This year it is time to do something different to celebrate the anniversary of your life. It is time to try something new and more exciting than just going out for dinner and drinks.

Year after year you go to the same restaurant with the same people and wake up with the same hangover. Whether you are a winter baby or a summer baby, Toronto has a wide variety of fun activities happening year-round to celebrate your birthday. Read on for 15 different ways to celebrate your birthday in Toronto this year other than just going out for dinner.

Throw a huge house party

You could just hit up a club for your birthday, but you will have to wait in line for what seems like ever and you will have to pay $20 cover no matter where you go on the weekend, plus you will have to cover your cute dress with a jacket if it is cold out and so many other annoying things. This year, just skip all that and stay home. But staying home does not mean do nothing; throw yourself a massive house party. If you don't want to do it at your place, rent out one of these Airbnbs instead.

Plan a touristy trip to Niagara Falls

Yeah, you could go to Niagara-on-the-Lake to enjoy all the wineries, but everyone does that. Instead, try something new for your birthday this year and go to Niagara Falls to take part in all the touristy action. Check out the Guinness World Records Museum, try your hand at Dinosaur Adventure Golf, explore the Movieland Wax Museum, hit up Ripley's Believe It or Not and so much more. Don't forget to get up close and personal with the Falls on a Hornblower boat cruise as well.

Enjoy some laughs at Comedy Bar

Everyone loves a good laugh, so why not check out Comedy Bar for your birthday? The spot hosts nightly live stand-up, improv and sketch performances in a fun, high-energy atmosphere. Shrug off your birthday blues with a couple of cocktails and some good laughs at Comedy Bar instead of doing the usual dinner with your friends. Yes, Toronto has some great restaurants, but it has some pretty great stand-up comedy as well. Comedy Bar is a guaranteed good time.

Go to Muskoka for a cottage weekend.

There is no better way to celebrate another year in your life than with some major rest and relaxation. So why not hit up Muskoka for the weekend and rent out one of these amazing cottages? Regardless of what season your birthday falls in, a cottage weekend is the perfect birthday celebration year-round. Whether you are going for a dip in the lake or plan on hitting the slopes or even just relaxing by the fire, a cottage weekend is a way better birthday idea than just dinner.

Spend the day at the Toronto Islands

A great birthday idea for all the summer babies out there. If your birthday lands in any of the summer months, you are probably a big fan of spending your special day in the warm sunshine. And what better way to do that than visiting the Toronto Islands? Try your hand at paddleboarding or check out the Centreville Amusement Park or just relax in your birthday suit at Hanlan's Point. A day at the beach is always a day well spent.

Play archery tag at Archery District

Get in touch with your inner Katniss Everdeen this year and head over to the Archery District for your birthday. Playing a game of archery tag is a fun and exciting way to celebrate another year in your life. Race around the obstacle field with your friends and retrieve foam arrows to launch at one another. Why go out for dinner when you can act like an extra in the Hunger Games instead? Pro tip: if your friends don't let you win on your birthday they aren't real friends.

Go skating at Nathan Phillips Square

The perfect birthday activity for all you winter babies out there. You may think this is more of a couples activity, however, skating in Nathan Phillips Square is a lot of fun for everyone. Sharpen your skates and hit the ice with a few of your friends to celebrate your special day. You can grab some hot chocolate and snacks after too (calories don't count on your birthday - no matter what you decide on doing).

Catch a drag show at Crews & Tangos

Could there be anything more vibrant and lively than hitting up Toronto's #1 drag bar on your birthday? Absolutely not. Spend your birthday dancing with your friends at Crews & Tangos and get in touch with your inner soul sister. Located in the heart of the Church-Wellesley Village, Crews & Tangos is a community staple and a top party destination. The bar creates a one-of-a-kind party experience each night and is the perfect spot to celebrate you and only you.

Hit up Bar+ for karaoke

Most people have a love-hate relationship with karaoke, but for a birthday activity, it can be extremely entertaining. Check out Bar+ and get your karaoke on for a birthday experience you won't soon forget. Some people think karaoke is embarrassing, but if you do it on your birthday, maybe it will get all of your embarrassing moments out of the way for the next year. Go ahead and belt your heart out, after all, it's all in good fun.

Go to Shakespeare in High Park

If your birthday falls in the summer months, then you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience Shakespeare in High Park on your special day. Shakespeare in High Park is Canada's largest and longest-running professional outdoor theatre experience and takes place every year from late June to early September. Brush up on your Shakespeare and see some of his most popular works, such as Macbeth and Hamlet, right here in Toronto's High Park.

Watch a flick at The Docks Drive-In

If you are a movie lover, why not spend your special day enjoying what you love? Even if you are not a film enthusiast, watching a movie drive-in style is a fun and exciting experience for everyone. Skip the movie theatre and visit The Docks Drive-In instead so you can catch a film on the big screen in the comfort of your own car. Why go out for a normal birthday dinner when you can celebrate your special day in the cool atmosphere of The Docks? After all, drive-ins are definitely making a comeback.

Play a game of bocce ball at Track & Field Bar.

With over 1,000 feet of lawn game space and a ton of good beer, Track & Field is where it's at. It is the perfect spot for outdoor birthday activities year-round. Reserve one of their lanes for bocce ball - thought that game was just for the elderly? Wrong. Bocce ball can be a lot of fun with the right people. So grab your closest friends and try something new this year by spending your birthday playing games at Track & Field.

Throw axes at BATL Grounds

Learn how to be a real Canadian lumberjack this year by taking part in axe throwing on your special day. BATL Grounds is the original place for axe throwing and has been doing it for 10 years. BATL Grounds brings a unique, urban experience to the thrill of axe throwing by a means of leagues, walk-ins and private events - perfect for birthday parties. Celebrate your birthday a different way this year with axe throwing.

Go on a booze cruise with Mariposa Cruises

Everyone enjoys boozing and boats, so why not put the two together on your special day? Mariposa Cruises hosts a variety of public cruises, but you can also charter your own private cruise if you would prefer. Sip away your youthful years as you sail around the Toronto Harbour and take in some serious views. These cruises take the Toronto patio experience to a new level, but of course, the best birthdays are the ones that happen on boats.

Visit Medieval Times

Okay so visiting Medieval Times does technically include having dinner, however, you get to watch a jousting competition while you eat, which makes this much different than your normal birthday dinner experience. At Medieval Times, it is dinner and a show with a two-hour performance of jousting, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, horsemanship and falconry. This year, travel back in time and spend your birthday in the 11th century with Medieval Times.