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15 Drool Worthy Breakfast Sandwiches To Try In Toronto

If you're like me, you can never have enough breakfast foods.  No matter what time of the day it is, you are allllll about munching on pancakes, french toast and most importantly, a scrumptious breakfast sandwich. You can either be a sit-down breakfast eater or a grab n'go kind of person. For either, breakfast sandwiches are the perfect option to kick-start your day.

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Are you ready for your mouth to water? Check out our list of DROOL WORTHY breakfast sandwiches in the city. You know where you're going tomorrow morning...

Sud Forno // 716 Queen St W

Eggs on a buttery croissant with a side of cannoli & espresso, mangia mangia!

Cafe Plenty // 250 Dundas W

OH MY EGG! This cafe has a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches from you to choose from.

Saving Grace Restaurant // 907 Dundas St W

Add some guac to your breaky game! Try their Mexico City Sandwich to start your day off right.

Le Gourmand // 152 Spadina Ave

Fuel your day with a French breakfast wrap. With a side of guac of course ;)

Lazy Daisy's Cafe // 1515 Gerrard St E

Open wide to get all the goodness of their High Rise breakfast sandwich in one bite! 

Emma's Country Kitchen // 810 St Clair Ave W

Grab this hearty sandwich and run to work for a nice pick-me-up before the office!

Brick Street Bakery // 315 Augusta St

For a simple but delicious breakfast sandwich, hit up this bakery! 

Bivy // 315 Augusta St

A little pulled pork never hurt nobody. 

Bacon Nation // 249 Augusta Ave

#BaconLoversUnite with this ultimate breakfast sandwich!

Seventh Sister Bakery // 53 Roncesvalles Ave

OOEY gooey cheese on this mouth watering breakfast sandwich. Perfect hangover remedy.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen // 85 Hanna Ave

If you have time for a quick sit-down breaky, this croissant breakfast sandwich is SO DAMN GOOD! The eggs are always cooked to perfection.

The County General // 936 Queen St W

Definitely a twist on your traditional breakfast sandwich! Spice up a grilled cheese for your breakfast choice.

Porchetta & Co. // 825 Dundas St W


Beast Restaurant // 96 Tecumseth St

This sandwich is a beast in itself. Be prepared to have a fully tummy after this guy.

Baddies  // 679 Lansdowne Ave

Soft bun topped with a gooey egg... YUM! This is what you need to kick-start your day.

Which will you try first? Comment below!

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