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15 Free Things To Do In Toronto During October 2016

No money, no problem!

It's almost October already, which means Toronto has a lot of new activities to offer!  For those of you who are on a budget, but aren't looking to sacrifice your social life, fear no more.

I have compiled a list of 15 things to keep you busy this month, that won't break the bank.

Just because summer is over does not mean you can stay inside and Netflix all day, get outside and enjoy our city! :)

1. Watch the city come alive at Nuit Blanche

Have a night filled with incredible art, and even better people watching! Grab a friend and head into the city for a late night adventure.

2. Check out the fall colours at Evergreen Brickworks

Evergreen Brickworks is a great place to take a break from the downtown hustle. Unwind and reconnect with nature during a hike around this beautiful green space.

3. Go plane watching at Polson Pier

Polson Pier has an amazing view of the cities skyline, and the planes overhead make it even cooler! This is a great night time activity, especially while the sun is setting over Toronto.

4. Go for a fall bike ride around the Toronto Island

Just because summer is over doesn't mean you have to give up that bikini bod! Stay active while cruising around the beautiful Toronto island for an afternoon.

5. Experience a cuteness overload at a Toronto Pug Grumble (date TBA)

If you're a dog lover, this is an absolutely amazing event. Evey month Toronto pug owners / pug lovers get together and have the ultimate puppy play date!

6. Go all In at Smoke's Poutine Eating Championship

I mean, do I really need to explain why this is so epic?!

7. Catch a sunset at Riverdale Park

Riverdale has a super relaxed vibe that you just can't get in the core of the city. Show the East side some love and head there around sunset, the view is unforgettable!

8. See some amazing photography at the Vivian Myer Exhibit at the Stephen Bulger Gallery

Admission is free, and the photography is incredible. Don't pass up this opportunity to see such a talented photographer's work.

9. Watch sail boats at Harbour Front

This is a great activity if you're looking to unwind. Bring a book or a travel mug of coffee and treat yourself to a couple hours of ultimate relaxation.

10. Experience a Pedestrian Sunday at Kensington Market

Jaywalking has never been so acceptable! Spend your day window shopping and appreciating every quirk and charm Kensington has to offer.

11. Visit the High Park petting zoo

The petting zoo is full of super cute animals! This is a great spot for a date, or just a nice fall walk.

12. If you're already missing summer, take a trip to Allen Gardens

For those of you who are already missing the warm weather, this is a great opportunity to pretend you're somewhere a little more tropical.

13. Have an Instagram photoshoot in Graffiti Alley

Who can say no to a colourful graffiti background?!

14. Take a free tour of Amsterdam Brewhouse

Yes, I did just give you an excuse to visit a brewhouse.

15. Visit the Bata Shoe Museum for a pay-what-you-can night

It's okay to admit that you have a shoe addiction, especially at the Bata! Grab a few friends and dive into a world of flashback fashion.

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