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Anyone who's lived here long enough knows how it goes. There are some people (a lot), who you're just not going to hang out with that often, not because you don't like them, but because you life is just too busy. You end up spending a lot of time making appointments to see people two weeks in advance, because otherwise you wouldn't remember to at all. It really sucks. So when you finally do get around to hanging out, you want to make sure the experience is worthwhile for both of you. Step one is finding the perfect place to go, and we've got you covered there.

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The Distillery District

This area's great for walking around. It's full of cute coffee shops and interesting buildings. It's an inoffensive place to take someone you may not know very well anymore, because you'll definitely find something to do that appeals to both of you.

Brunch at Aunties and Uncles

Aunties and Uncles is one of the best brunch spots in the city, and the fact that you'll probably have to do a little lining up before you get a table gives you even more time to get all caught up on your old buddy's life.

Get Well

Nothing like getting overly competitive about arcade games over some delicious house beer (Bastard Landlord is a personal favourite).

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Window Shopping On Queen West

Pointing out cute clothing you like, and making fun of gross clothing you'd never wear, helps make the potentially awkward interaction go down more smoothly. Besides, it gives you both something to talk about other than the standard small talk.

Grabbing Some Ice Cream at Baskin Robins, Then Enjoying it in Front of the Fountain at the Eaton Centre

There's something therapeutic about watching the water in this fountain shoot up and down in different patterns. And ice cream is the perfect "lets catch up" treat.

Running Into Them On A Streetcar

By far the most frequent catch-up opportunities you'll have in Toronto are when you run into that friend of yours from first year on the College streetcar. Chances are, there will be tons of traffic, so the two of you will have plenty of time to bond over everything that's happened since you last saw each other.

A Late Night Meal at the Lakeview

If both of you are pressed for time most of the time, you can arrange to meet up at the Lakeview after a night out to enjoy some drunk, greasy food and cheap pints. Alcohol is a social lubricant, after all.

Karaoke on Bloor

Nothing breaks down social barriers like making a dick of yourself singing Backstreet's Back. There's a ton of great little karaoke spots all along Bloor where you and your old friend can drink, sing, and be merry. It'll be like you never separated!

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Watching a Leafs Game at the Loose Moose

Cheap beer and yelling at a television screen have been the backdrop to countless friendships, and they'll be perfect for you and your friend. Nothing bonds two Torontonians together like celebrating the Leafs. Except crying about the Leafs, of course.

Wandering Around Blue Banana

Kensington Market is just generally a great area for hanging out with someone you don't really have a feel for anymore. There's so much to do, you're bound to find something the both of you will enjoy. Start things off by going to Blue Banana though. The quickest way to make someone laugh is reading those cheesy fridge magnets to them.

Sonic Coffee

Sonic was made for intimate meetings between friends. It's quiet, but not too quiet, the coffee is great (and cheap), the staff is friendly, and there's an intimate little upstairs area that's usually pretty empty where you can overshare until you're both really comfortable with each other.


Weed brings people together. Roach-a-Roma can act as unclaimed territory for both of you to get baked out of your minds and have a really deep conversation. And when you get bored of that, you can always play Mario Kart.

Honest Ed's

Oh Honest Ed's. Have you ever been to a trippier department store? One thing's for sure, wandering through this place will give you guys plenty to talk about.

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The Indie Ale House

For a more refined drinking experience, head over to Indie. The space is big, but the seating arrangements feel pretty intimate, and you guys can talk about how much you love different kinds of beer, or about how it all tastes the same to you. And most importantly, you can drink.

On the heated patio at Bistro 422

It's grungy, and the staff hates everyone, but the beer is unbelievably cheap (hello $10 pitchers!), and the casual vibe will get both of you comfortable enough to move past the small talk and rediscover why it was you were friends in the first place.