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15 Hidden Natural Gems Near Toronto You Must Road Trip To This Spring

We're pretty much done with winter for good, unless Mother Nature decides she's not quite finished messing with us yet. It's safe to say that spring is here, or at least around the corner, and we can let out a sigh of relief! The worst is officially over. 

That means it's the perfect time to start planning your spring and summer road trips. We've been cooped up inside for far too long now and it's time to get back outside and breathe in the fresh, sweet air of spring and soak up the sunlight. 

This list is full of natural gems in Ontario and near Toronto that are perfect to add to your road trip bucket list, not just for spring but summer too! The next few months are going to be jam packed with adventures if you follow this list!

15. Bonnechere Caves

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The Bonnechere Caves is one of the coolest natural caves to explore in all of Ontario! They've been a tourist attraction for over 50 years and offer guided tours that will take you past waterfalls and through the cool cave hallways.


14. Kakabeka Falls

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Though this is definitely a trek outside the city, it's one of the most impressive natural wonders in all of Ontario. Sitting 40 metres high, Kakabeka Falls is the second highest waterfall behind Niagara Falls of course. Walk all a boardwalk that wraps around the top of the falls and get breathtaking views from above!


13. Flowerpot Island 

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The infamous Flowerpot Island is located on Georgian Bay and holds one of the prettiest natural sights in Ontario. The sea stacks or flowerpots were formed by a natural phenomenon and are sit gorgeously against the bright turquoise waters. There's also caves and hiking trails to explore in the area!


12. Cheltenham Badlands

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The Cheltenham Badlands are a unique phenomenon caused by poor farming practices and are super rare in Ontario. These badlands will make you feel like you were transported to the sprawling badlands in Saskatchewan! They've been closed to visitors for a while but are re-opening to the public this Spring.


11. Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve

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The Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve is the best spot near Toronto to view the stars at night. Without the interference of light pollution you can see things you never thought you could ever see in Ontario like The Milky Way, Aurora Borealis is crystal clear shooting stars!


10. Greig's Caves

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Greig's Caves are located at Bruce Peninsula located on Georgian Bay. They offer self-guided tours of the area where you can spot tons of wildlife hidden in the limestone caves.


9. Tew's Falls

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Located in Hamilton, just a super short drive outside of Toronto is this gorgeous waterfall. It's Hamilton's tallest waterfall and offers stunning views! The surrounding park area also has tons of hiking trails to enjoy while you're there.


8. Elora Gorge

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Elora Gorge is located in Elora, Ontario and is home to hiking trails that will take you to hidden waterfalls and past rushing rapids! They also have a quarry with bright turquoise water that's perfect for swimming during the warm summer months.


7. Point Pelee National Park

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Point Pelee National Park is an amazing road trip to plan for when the weather warms up again. It's home to a 1km long floating boardwalk that passes over bogs and marshes! You can spot tons of wildlife and enjoy the peaceful nature that surrounds you on this walk.


6. Aubrey Falls

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Located a little ways from the big city are these magnificent waterfalls that are the perfect spring road trip destination. It's one of the largest waterfalls in the province You can hike around the area, take gorgeous pictures of the falls and even swim if it's nice enough!


5. White Water Walk

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White Water Walk is located in Niagara Falls and is the best sight to see aside from the falls themselves. It's a long boardwalk past rushing rapids like you've never seen before! They'll be opening the boardwalk soon for the season at the end of April.


4. Cyprus Lake Trail

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Located in Bruce Peninsula National Park is the stunning boardwalk trail through an ancient forest that's perfect for a magical outdoor experience. They're a campground nearby and the boardwalk lies right beside the gorgeous Cyprus Lake!


3. Bogle Seeds Farm

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This adorable farm is home to two massive fields of sunflowers that begin to bloom in the early summer months. You can visit the farm and gallivant through the bright fields of sunflowers and take some cute summer pictures as well!


2. Belfountain Conservation Area

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The Belfountain Conservation Area is located just an hour outside of Toronto and is perfect for a short road trip. Hike across suspension bridges, past waterfalls, historic fountains and flower gardens!


1. Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower

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The Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower is just under a 2 hour drive located near Halliburton. Here you can climb up to the top of the lookout tower and you'll be rewarded with gorgeous panorama views of the shimmering Lake Of Bays.


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