15 Instagram Fit Girls In Toronto That Will Leave You Crazy Motivated For The Gym

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15 Instagram Fit Girls In Toronto That Will Leave You Crazy Motivated For The Gym

With Summer ending it may seem like the perfect time to ditch your diet and workout routine considering your tummy won't be seeing the world for the next few months. While it can be super enticing to just veg out and carb up this winter season, right now is actually the time to establish a great workout routine that you can keep up with over the winter months. Not only can it keep your current body intact over the holidays or result in improvements, but it'll also result in a killer body you can show off next bikini season!

Though everyone would like to maintain a workout routine and healthy eating schedule, it can be hard to stay motivated. Luckily, we've got a list of 15 girls you should follow from Toronto who serve up some serious fitspo that will keep you motivated to hit the gym! 

Kaisa Keranen // @kaisafit

Kaisa has the perfect mix of workout videos, motivation snaps and pictures of her post work out meals. She practically has all the bases covered when it comes to fitness as well as overall health. 

Jennifer Lau // @itsjenniferlau

Jennifer Lau is another great Toronto fitness guru who is essential to follow if you want some inspiration to get your butt to the gym. She's both a holistic nutritionist and a trainer so if you wanted, you could even get trained by her! Though, if you are just looking for some inspo, look no further than her videos and other inspirational snaps! 

Anya Ells // @anyaells

Anya serves some serious bikini body inspo on her Instagram. Considering she is the bikini champ, it's safe to say she knows what she's doing when it comes to crafting the perfect bikini body via workouts. She also offers some online coaching if you are looking for even more motivation to stick to your fitness routine! 

Jessica Morris // @jessicamorrishealth

Jessica Morris has a ton of titles under her belt considering she is a holistic nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach, and an athlete! Her workout videos aren't just motivational but seriously impressive (she makes ceiling ropes look as easy as climbing a ladder)! 

Hannah Bronfman // @hannahbronfman

Hannah is a global Adidas ambassador so it's safe to say she knows what she's doing workout wise - I mean she is sponsored by a giant athletic wear company. She's a great person to follow if you are looking for motivation but don't want strictly fitness videos clogging up your feed. She's got the perfect balance of fitness, health and lifestyle! 

Emma Troupe // @missemmatroupe

Emma Troupe is a personal trainer and health coach from Toronto that uses her Instagram as a platform to push healthy eating and exercise! If her body isn't enough motivation to get to the gym, she also posts tons of delicious recipes that will help with your weight loss! 

Kacey Sowinski // @kaceythehealthyguru

Kacey Sowinski is the perfect person to follow if you are looking for healthy food inspiration as well as overall fitness inspo. She posts tons of healthy food options and eats that will definitely make your mouth water (as well as make you forget it's actually good for you)! 

Ashley Kaltwasser // @ashleykfit

Ashley Kaltwasser isn't just fit by our standards, she's won Ms. Bikini Olympic 3 times and has been a fitness cover model several times! It's safe to say she is well seasoned in the fitness world and is a great person to follow if you want some booty inspo as well as work out ideas via her videos! 

Sasha Exeter // @sashaexeter

Sasha Exeter doesn't just show fitness inspiration on her timeline. She also hosts tons of photos of outfits, lifestyle posts and what she's eating! She's a great person to follow if you are looking for a less intimidating approach to getting yourself motivated! 

Eva Redpath // @evaredpath 

Eva Redpath is one of Canada's Nike master trainers, so it's clear that she is one of the best people to check out for fitness inspo in the city. Her balance of lifestyle and fitness makes her super easy to follow considering she'll inspire you to workout subconsciously! She also hosts fitness and wellness retreats if you are interested in working with her IRL! 

Laurie Campbell // @lauriecampbell.life 

Laurie Campbell doesn't just share photos on Instagram, in reality, most of her feed is actually videos! She is a super helpful for fitness moves and tips considering she posts content of her actually doing the moves she recommends! Not only will give you some serious inspo but her videos will definitely help you nail the perfect form! 

Kayla Itsines // @kayla_itsiness

Kayla Itsines doesn't just share snaps of herself, but also the transformations of clients who have used her healthy eating and fitness program! While you don't have to buy the program to get inspo from her feed, seeing the transitions will definitely help motivate you even more past just her snaps of her abs! 

Elinor and Sarah // @sweatinthesix 

Elinor and Sarah are a duo from Toronto that is obsessed with all things fitness in the city! They go to tons of different gyms and cycling spots and offer reviews on locations that are definitely helpful if you are a beginner and don't know which work out spot will suit your skill level just yet. Plus they also throw in some snaps of where they like to eat and hang around in the city! 

Cassie Day // @cassiedayyy

Cassie Day is another great fit girl to follow on IG considering she mixes her feed with a bit of food, lifestyle and work out inspiration! So whether you are looking for healthy food options, work out ideas or just lifestyle posts- check her out! 

Lyzabeth Lopez // @lyzabethlopez

If you are looking for some major motivation to finish the squat challenge you told yourself you'd do last new years as a resolution, look no further than Lyzabeth Lopez! The workout fiend clearly knows what she's doing and shares motivational posts as well as tips on her feed!

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