With Summer coming to a close and bikinis getting put away in the next few weeks, keeping that #summerbod isn't as big of a concern as it was in April. So, with that in mind, let loose and check out some of these junk food spots in the city! 

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1. Junked Food Co // 507 Queen St W

Junked Food Co definitely takes the prize for most unique junk food in Toronto, their smash bags make the spot a must visit and they always have new things arriving on the menu so be sure to stop by in the near future!

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2. Fancy Franks // 326 College St 

There is nothing more classic than a hot dog, but Fancy Franks does them well. Not only do they offer their signature spins on the classic dish but you can also dress up your hot dog however you want if you decide to. They also have killer fries and milkshakes to pair with your frank!

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3. Bake 350 

If you are looking to fulfill your craving for something sweet, Bake 350 is the spot. They specialize in decked out ice cream sandwiches with every topping imaginable at your finger tips! They are a food truck though so keep your eyes peeled on where they will be parked next!

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4. Bobbie Sue's Mac and Cheese // 162 Ossington Ave #3

Bobbie Sue's is the place to go in the city if you want mac and cheese. Not only do they offer regular mac and cheese that is absolutely incredible, but they also offer delicious spins on the dish like pulled pork mac and cheese!

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5. Peace Treats // 131 Ossington Ave

Peace Treats is a great milkshake spot if you are craving something sweet! It's pretty obvious from the photo that they treat the junk food like an art form so get your camera ready when you go for a visit!

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6. Rudy // 619 College St

If you are craving In 'n' Out but can't be bothered to cross the border, check out Rudy's! The spot has burgers akin to the notorious American chain but also has amazing poutine that you can pair with your burger!

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7. PG Clucks // 610 College St 

PG Clucks does chicken like I've never seen it done before and it tastes delicious. Their bacon ranch fried chicken is a staple and will change your life, definitely fit this spot on your to-eat list!

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8. Good Catch Boil House // 179 Enterprise Blvd #109

After eating these lobster nachos you are never going to be satisfied with regular pub nachos ever again. The nautical spin on classic pub food seems a little odd but tastes incredible and is quite unique to the city!

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9. Descendant // 1168 Queen St E

Descendant was the first Detroit style pizza joint in Toronto and they have mastered the art of it. The pizza is awesome and unique from the standard pizza you get around the city, plus the topping options are endless.

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10. Thompson Diner // 550 Wellington St W

Want something sweet and savoury? Check out Thompson Diner for the 'Brunch Burger.' It's a burger with donuts as it's buns with bacon, egg and a patty layered inside. It sounds like a heart attack but a cheat days a cheat day!

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11. Glory Hole Donuts // 1596 Queen St W

If you are looking for some donuts around the city, Glory Hole is the place to go. They constantly have crazy new donuts being offered that are perfect for the gram and your tummy!

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12. Bang Bang // 93a Ossington Ave

Bang Bang is mostly known for their ice cream and waffle cones which is a junk food in itself, but the ice cream stuffed cinnamon bun is another story. While the line can be a little long, this dish is totally worth the wait and the extra calories!

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13. Wafels and More // 237 Augusta Ave

Wafels and More is an authentic waffle bar, so you get to choose whatever goes on your wafel! Pairing authentic belgian waffles and endless topping options sounds like a junk food lover's dream!

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14. FBI Pizza // 2336 Lake Shore Blvd W

FBI Pizza does pizza toppings like no other. From fries to pepperoni you get to choose if you want a classic pizza or something totally out of the box!

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15. Big Crow // 176 Dupont St

If you didn't know a smores ice cream sandwhich existed in Toronto but now do and need to try it, Big Crow is the place the go. The spot offers a wide range of food so anyone will enjoy it but the staple of the spot is definitely the dessert.