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15 Luxurious Spa Resorts For Under $60 Near Toronto

Relax, refresh, recharge!
15 Luxurious Spa Resorts For Under $60 Near Toronto

We're already halfway through fall and I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty stressed. It's midterm season, which means we're all studying our buts off to get those grades, summer has officially warn off so work is in full swing again, and Halloween is coming up so we have to figure out costume ideas!

Okay, maybe that last one isn't such a big deal but it can be pretty stressful on top of everything else. If you're starting to feel more and more tense as the days go by I think it's time to take a day and treat yourself to a spa retreat.

Spending the day or even just a few hours at a spa will instantly release all those feelings of stress and tension that have been taking over your life and you can finally relax!

Spend the day soaking in hot baths, sweating out all the toxins in your body in saunas and eucalyptus steam rooms, treat yourself to a massage or facial and bring back those feelings of relaxation to your life!

1. Scandinave Spa // Blue Mountain

Distance From Toronto: 2 hours

This spa is the ideal place to go if you're looking to relax while surrounded by serene nature. You'll find a stunning Finnish sauna, a eucalyptus steam room, thermic and nordic water falls, comforting hot baths, and tons of quiet relaxation areas!

Price: $55 for bath access


2. Elmwood Spa // Downtown Toronto

Distance From Toronto: None!

The services at this spa are literally amazing and will make you feel like you were pampered to the max! But if you want to spend under $60 the day pass to the water treatments are the way to go. You'll have access to the whirlpool, steam room, swimming pool and poolside lounge!

Price: $35 for day pass


3. Sweet Grass Spa // Downtown Toronto

Distance From Toronto: None!

Sweet Grass Spa is the perfect place to go if you want to pamper your Mom, best friends or siblings because this place is a girl's paradise. If you choose a single access to their Hydrotherapy section you can spend the day relaxing by their turquoise pool, eliminate the toxins from your body in their Infrared Sauna, and sit in the bubbles in their Jacuzzi!

Price: $50


4. Body Blitz Spa // Distillery District Toronto

Distance From Toronto: None!

You can just tell from this picture how beautiful and luxurious this King Street spa is in Toronto! But girls, you're going to have to leave your guys at home because this is a girls-only spa. You can relax in their Dead Sea salt pool, hot Epsom salt pool, cold plunge pool, eucalyptus steam room, and their Infrared sauna!

Price: $50 on Tuesdays, $60 every other day.


5. The Spa At Ancaster // Hamilton

Distance From Toronto: 1 hour 40 mins

Most of the treatments at this spa are a little bit pricy but there is one treatment that you're going to want to try there. It's their Hydrotherapy & Chromotherapy treatment that uses air jets, sea algae and aromatherapy oils in their hydrotherapy baths to help relieve stress and tension! Each session lasts about 20 mins and is totally worth it.

Price: $45 for the treatment


6. Ziba's Spa // Uxbridge


Distance From Toronto: 1 hour

Ziba's Spa is dubbed a 'haven of healing' by using unique spa treatments like their salt caves, cupping therapy, ozone therapies and tons of other natural healing services! What's even better? They have a Groupon available right now that you're going to want to jump on because they're selling out fast!

Price: $25 for one salt cave therapy session ($45 value)

Purchase package here!

7. H2O Float Spa // Riverdale

Distance From Toronto: None!

This spa offers something completely unique that everyone should try once in their lives. This spa allows you to float in a personal tub that helps the mind to enter into a very relaxed state. It relaxes your body, emotions and skin to promote tons of amazing skin benefits! It is slightly more expensive than $60 but it's totally worth it!

Price: $69


8. The Briars Spa // Peterborough

Distance From Toronto: 1 hour 15 mins

Although a lot of the services at this resort and spa are a little pricy their body therapies are completely affordable! They have everything from Deep Tissue Massages, Swedish Massages, Aromatherapy Massages, Hot Stone Massages and so much more!

Price: $59 for 30 mins


9. Pailin Therapy Thai Pro Spa // Mississauga

Distance From Toronto: 25 mins

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves once in a while with a deep massage that completely relaxes your muscles and the stress just washes off of you. This awesome spa in Mississauga offers all kinds of amazing spa treatments like Thai Massages, Swedish Massages and Deep Tissue Massages! The best part? There's an amazing Groupon for their treatments available right now!

Price: $49 for Thai, Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

Purchase package here!

10. Civello Salon & Spa // Queen West


Distance From Toronto: None!

This spa is mostly a hair salon that offers amazing cuts and colours but their Queen West location is also a spa that has so pretty awesome treatments that will leave you feeling completely pampered after your stay.

Though some of their services are expensive they have one spa packing that includes a cleanse + tone, brow design and light makeup application that's totally affordable! Their facials, waxing and hands and feet services are all affordable as well.

Price: $50 for Civello Girl spa package


11. South-Western Bathhouse // Etobicoke

Distance From Toronto: 20 mins

If you're looking for a unique way to soak and relax, this is the place for you! South-Western Bathhouse is a Russian style sauna and tea room with a Banya made from authentic cedar are 4 different levels of heat! After sweating out all the toxins in your body, you and you friends can enjoy an authentic Russian meal paired with a variety of teas!

Price: $40


12. Novo Spa // Yorkville

Distance From Toronto: None!

Novo Spa offers so many different treatments it'll make your head spin! Although a lot of their facial and massage treatments are on the pricy side, the best way to visit this spa on a budget is to get pampered with a good manicure, pedicure or facial peel!

Price: $30-$60


13. Ocean Breeze Spa // Vaughn

Distance From Toronto: 30 mins

This spa is all about making you look and feel beautiful through their skin, face and body treatments. Their facials and face massages are really what it's all about and luckily there's a Groupon for just this service available right now!

Price: $39 for facial + face massage ($149 value)

Purchase package here!

14. Go For Spa // Richmond Hill

Distance From Toronto: 35 mins

This spa takes the regular spa treatments but puts a futuristic twist on it, giving you the most up-to-date services! Right now there's an amazing Groupon that offers either one or two 60-minute cream massage and body scrub! You'll leave here feeling the ultimate stress-free vibes.

Price: $42 for one and $72 for two massages ($105 and $210 value)

Purchase package here!

15. A Hot Rock Sauna Spa // Markham


Distance From Toronto: 44 mins

This cute spa offers tons of amazing services but their specialty is obviously their hot rock massage! They also offer full body massages, body scrubs, facials and waxing and more! The best part? They're offering a Groupon right now for an amazing price.

Price: $29 for massage + sauna package ($60 value)

Purchase package here!

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