As a Toronto girl in her 20s, sometimes the only advice you need to hear to help you through your everyday struggles are those from Mindy Lahiri. The fictional character from the TV show The Mindy Project who seems to be the most relatable TV mess a girl needs. Thank you Mindy for the reminder that life should not be taken too seriously and enjoy the moments that knock you down, they only make you stronger!

1. You don't need to leave your house every Saturday night!

The safest place is your home, duh. Accompanied by a Belly Buster sub of course.

2. The DJ that spins at the Hoxton every weekend is not worth it, especially since his dad isn't famous.

He's not making it big, he deserves the cut.

3. Hitting up Rainbow Cinemas to see the newest foreign flick and falling asleep does not make you dumb.

It just proves you love Blockbuster films more!

 4. If you're not telling me that Holt Renfrew is having a secret sale, I just don't care.

Unless the secret has something that will help me, I already forgot.

 5. If a Toronto F*ck boy ever tells you to lose weight, you have permission to kick his butt.

So what if you hit up Burrito Boyz daily, its your prerogative.

6. Beyonce is your role model, always.

You can't survive a hard week during midterms at Robarts without guidance from the Queen B.

7. Embarrassing yourself after a night out at Easy On The Fifth does not mean you need to freak out, so don't.

Getting drunk and humiliating yourself in front of some hotties is alright, you're Kanye is around the corner!

8. If you can't find a Bay street babe to settle down with don't worry!

You'll always have Netflix, and Sweet Jesus for an awesome ice cream night chill.

 9. Showing up to work a mess is only ok if you look hot doing it.

Thursday night turn up at Wildflower got you lookin' a certain way friday morning...

10. When you spend you're entire food allowance at Momofuku chowing down on Pho.

The only thing left to eat is McNuggets for dinner, at $5.00 is a serious deal.

11. Pretending to be someone famous so you can get a reservation at Frings.

uh hello, yes of course my name is Sandra Bullock, and I would appreciate a table beside Drake.

12. How can you pick only ONE friend to go to see Taylor Swift with at the Rogers Centre.

You don't only have one, there is a reason you call it a squad.

13. If the Blue Jays don't win the World Series, comfort food is all you need.

Good thing Tim Hortons created a specialty doughnut!

14. Meeting a model at Toronto Fashion Week it seems like all your dreams have come true.

Not being able to have a conversation with them could be a seriously unfortunate problem.

15. You're so thankful for fall in Toronto because you no longer need to spend time shaving.

Pants, pants and more pants when leaving your home!