14 Most Decadent Toronto Desserts You Need To Try

Screw your summer diet.
14 Most Decadent Toronto Desserts You Need To Try

Dessert in Toronto is a religion as of late. Concoctions of every variety are popping up and combining mouth-watering decadence in ways you never thought possible. From churro cones and cronuts to Sweet Jesus insanity, here are some of the most delicious desserts popping up in Toronto these days.

1. Strawberry Shortcake Icecream // Sweet Jesus

2.  Sweet Pocket // Booyah

3. Bacon Waffle Maple Hotplate // Sweets Esc

4. Salted Butter Icecream Crepe // Caffé Demetre 

5. Belgian Waffles // Caffé Demetre

6.  Dessert Pops // Pop Shop

7.  Nutella Pancakes // Cocoa Latte

8. Tarts // Butter Avenue

9. Meringue Dream // Roselle

10. Churro Cones // Panchos

11. Smores Cronut Ice Cream Sandwich // The Pastry Shop

12. Cotton Candy Icecream // Dolce 21

13. Waffles and Icecream // Woofles and Icecream

14.  Pancakes // Mildred's Temple

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