Hair is an art medium unlike any other. 

It has the power to transform, the ability to change someone's life, the capacity to give someone confidence...therefor who you trust your hair with is VITAL.

These are some of the best of the best Toronto hair stylists, (as recommended to us by other true Torontonians, in no specific order) and you can definitely feel safe in their hands. So give them an Insta follow, whether it's for hairinspo or to book an appt. for your stressed tresses:

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Alessia G. // Professional Hair & Makeup

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Kelly Araujo // Stylist @ Medulla & Co

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Matthew Collins // Celebrity & Editorial Hairstylist, Owner @ Brennen Demelo Studios

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Luis Pacheco // Hair Colourist, Founder @ Medulla & Co.

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David Nadicci // Hairstylist @ Brennen Demelo Studio

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Sabrina Rinaldi // Makeup & Hair Artist @ P1M

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Jenna Small // Colourist @ LAC + CO

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Greg Wencel // Celebrity hairstylist, Owner @ P1M

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Ruby // Hair Artist @ Brennen Demelo Studio

Kendra Medeiross // Hairstylist @ Palm Sunday

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Chris Wood // Senior Hairstylist @ Medulla & Co Yorkville Salon Daniel

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Judana Silvera // Hairstylist @ Her Majesty's Pleasure

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Trevor Odho // Owner @ Trevor Odho Studio

Tony Pham // Owner @ LAC + CO