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15 Places In Toronto For Dates That Don't Break The Bank

No money, no problem 😎
15 Places In Toronto For Dates That Don't Break The Bank

1. Check Out A Movie At Rainbow Cinema 

Movies are a classic date option but can get pretty pricey. Luckily the Rainbow Cinema offers admission for prices as cheap as $5 on Tuesdays, and they're concessions are reasonably priced with free refills on all drinks! Plus the theatre itself is a cool change from the more modern theatres you usually go to.

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2. Hit up Queen Street Warehouse 

Channel your inner foodie at Warehouse! Queen Street Warehouse always has a ton of people in it so if you are looking for a place with some life in it, check out this spot for your next dinner date! Plus the spot is super wallet friendly with the menu being full of $5 options.

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3. Get some dive-bar nachos at Sneaky Dee's 

Sneaky Dee's is a great option if you want to go to more of a dive bar! The space has a definite eccentric vibe to it and offers cheap meal options like a killer plate of nachos! Plus the spot constantly has hilariously themed parties going on so lineup your night with one of them if you want to fit in some dancing!

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4. Relax on a patio and get some cheap sangria 

If you want to take your partner out but still want the chance to enjoy the sun and warm weather on a patio, sangria is the answer! Refer to that cheap sangria list for spots like Pour Boy or Nirvana and you will thank yourself later.

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5. Check out the AGO 

The AGO is always a good bet with it's ridiculous amount of exhibits, and luckily on Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm, all of those permanent exhibits are free for visitors. So take your partner out to explore the gallery free of cost!

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6. Check out 416 Snack Bar  

416 Snack Bar is another spot that has awesome food options for a great price. The spot doesn't really offer any cutlery as most of the menu is finger food. So if you want a relaxed night out and great food, check this spot out!

via @mrtoronto

7. Kayak on Lake Ontario

If you have a kayak, the whole date is free! This date is not only a great way to enjoy the weather and the water front, but it's also super original! So get that old kayak out of the back of your garage and head to the lake!

via @hellodanielchoi

8. Bounce around at Skyzone

Skyzone is a great option if both you and your partner have some serious energy to burn. Another plus is the fact that admission is only $20 so head on over! The spot is an absolute blast but you'll get tired pretty quick so arrive prepared!

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9. Have a picnic at Trinity Bell Woods 

Trinity Bell Woods is an awesome space in general. If you want to turn it into the perfect cheap date, just add a picnic blanket, box of takeout and wine of your choice and you've got yourself a date that knocks it out of the park!

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10. Head over to the Toronto Zoo

If you and your partner are looking for a more exotic date look no further than the Toronto Zoo! The spot offers hundreds of animals for you to fawn over and check out! Plus admission is only $25!

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11. Go on a botanical adventure at Allan Gardens

Allan gardens is one of the coolest free facilities in the Toronto. The building itself is so unique from the rest of Toronto and as mentioned before- it's free! So check out all of the plants and ponds inside for a super chill day out!

via @curiocitytoronto

12. Have a Beach Day at Sugar Beach

Beach days are not only crazy easy to set up but they're also just as easy on the wallet! All you need are yourselves, some bathing suits and a picnic lunch.. or UberEats if you want to splurge. Regardless, a day in the sun is never a bad idea!

via @lo.pitt

13. Hit Up Grand Electric for A Cheap Taco Tuesday

Tacos never looked so good! Check out Grand Electric for killer tacos, a great patio vibe and some mint lemonade! The spot is a great way to give your partner a trendy night out that doesn't break the bank.

via @imanraeisi

14. Go to the ROM and check out the latest exhibit

The ROM is just as much fun as it was when you went for elementary school day trips, trust me. So channel your inner 8 year old and revisit all those nostalgic dinosaur exhibits before checking out the new Blue Whale exhibit!

via @db_junior88

15. Get competitive at Snakes and Lattes

Cover is only $5 and you get practically every board game ever made at your finger tips, that sounds like a sound investment to me! This is a great cheap group date option as well, the more the merrier!

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