Nothing says comfort food like a juicy leg of some fried chicken. Fried chicken has been a crowd favourite since the beginning of time. There's just something so addicting about the well-seasoned fried batter, juicy meat and delicious taste that stays on your tongue the entire day.

You could stick to the fast food classics like KFC and Popeyes, but why would you want to limit yourself? There are plenty of places in Toronto that serve some of the most delish and "Instagrammable" fried chicken dishes around.

Whether it's served Southwestern style or with a side of waffles, here are a few places in Toronto that are guaranteed to quench your fried chicken cravings!

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The Dirty Bird// 79 Kensington Ave.

This fried chicken destination is especially popular for its savoury chicken and waffles. The Dirty Bird puts a modern twist on classic Northern fried chicken.

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Bar Fancy// 1070 Queen St. W

Sink your teeth into this greasy bird at Bar Fancy on Queen St. and enjoy the foodgasmic feels of the expertly seasoned & crunchy chicken, accompanied by a variety of sides and dips. *droooools*

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Kanpai// 252 Carlton St.

This Taiwanese snack bar brings the eastern tastes of Taipei into its Asian-style fried chicken. Enjoy the snack bar's crispy chicken on its own or with the many Taiwanese spices and sauces alongside the culturally comforting side dishes the snack bar has to offer.


Electric Mud BBQ// 5 Brock St.

This fried chicken go-to fully represents the Southern origins of fried chicken itself with its grittier aesthetic and essence. Douse that shit in the tangy citrus sauce or the rich bbq sauce that the restaurant has to offer and don't be afraid get your hands dirty!

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Cluck Clucks Chicken & Waffles//222 The Esplanade

Once you eat at this fried chicken destination, you'll be growing feathers and wings yourself and find yourself back there in no time! Treat yourself to wings, waffles, sandwiches, etc. -- all of the chicken variety!

Spoil yourself, you motherclucker!

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The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder// 699 St. Clair West

If you're ever along St. Clair W and are just craving some fried chicken, get your ass to The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder for some hearty buttermilk-soaked chicken with a side of fresh coleslaw and spicier than hell hot sauce.

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The Fry// 524 Bloor St. W

This late night eatery serves an array of Korean fried chicken that's refreshingly different from your average South Western chicken. If hot is what you're looking for, be prepared for some Korean kimchi sauce to take you and your tastebuds to hell and back. Looking for something sweet or milder there are so many flavours and spice levels you can choose from!

Luther's Chicken//212 Dundas West

This American classic restaurant is bound to get you excited over fried chicken. If you're hesitant about getting messy, how 'bout enjoying some fried chicken in a sandwich or burger? This homey restaurant is sure to bring you back to family picnics in the South.

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Patois// 794 Dundas West

Jamaican-Asian fusion?! Sign me up! This best-of-both-worlds restaurant serves a jerk chicken from both Chinese and Jamaican roots that keeps bringing the crowd back for more. Its exotic flavour palette is unique to the fried chicken world and will definitely leave an outstanding impression on your buds and stomach.

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Carbon Bar// 99 Queen St. E

This restaurant/bar along Queen St. is definitely the place to crush your fried chicken cravings even in the wee hours of the night. Whether it be your typical Southwestern fried chicken or the crowd favourite Korean fried chicken, you'll leave 100% satisfied.

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White Brick Kitchen// 641 Bloor St. W

This dinner destination along Koreatown excels in its buttermilk fried chicken that is both super crunchy and even more juicy. Enjoy devouring this bird with an entourage of green onion biscuits and a choice of seasonal sides.

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The County General// 936 Queen St. E

Located on the streets of Queen, this restaurant/bar is the place to grab a bite or a few drinks (heck, treat yo'self and buy both!) with the squad. This cabin-like atmosphere has a relaxed and casual ambience that won't make you feel so bad when chowing down on your fried chicken like a savage.

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Harlem Underground// 745 Queen. St. W

If you're craving the savoury soul foods of southern Louisiana, look no further and stop by this Creole/Cajun restaurant where the story of fried chicken ultimately started. This open concept restaurant is perfect to enjoy your classy chicken and waffles or to go ham on some jerk chicken quesadillas.

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Gushi Japanese Street Food// 707 Dundas St. W

You've seen Taiwanese, Chinese and even Korean fried chicken, but at Gushi be prepared to indulge in some rustic Japanese fried chicken. This rustic venue best represents karaage, Japanese fried chicken, through a street style atmosphere. Seasoned and sauced up, enjoy this fried chicken delicacy from the east on the streets of Toronto.

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Hot Star Large Fried Chicken// 374A Yonge St.

Have you ever eaten a piece of fried chicken bigger than your face? I sure as hell haven't, and you probably haven't either. Enjoy a fried chicken schnitzel this fall and indulge yourself in all its fried, crispy goodness. It'll totally rock your Snapchat feed with its unusual form and its perfect for walking the streets of Toronto on the go!

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