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Choosing to go vegan is noble, but can often complicate your eating life. Eating out becomes dangerous, because many restaurants aren't as conscious about what they put into their food as you need them to be, and the ones that are expect you to pay an arm and a leg for something as simple as a salad. This makes being a broke young person who wants to eat with their conscience way too hard. So, to try and make it that little bit easier, we've compiled a list of vegan-friendly restaurants that won't break the bank, so you can go on being your awesome self!

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243 Avenue Rd

A vegetarian/vegan restaurant located in Yorkville, Govinda's provides a complete lunch or dinner platter for just $10. Not bad at all.


Hot Beans

160 Baldwin St #1

A fantastic vegan and gluten free Mexican food spot, Hot Beans serves take out that will never set you back much more that $10.


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Magic Oven

127 Jefferson Avenue/270 Dupont St. (at Spadina)/798 Danforth Ave./6 Wellesley Street West/360 Queen Street East/347 Keele St./302 Eglinton Ave. W.

In its menu, Magic Oven declares, "upon request, most dishes can be prepared as gluten free or vegan friendly." This doesn't mean that there isn't plenty of either in their selection, with plenty of pizza options tallying up to under %15.



2122 Bloor St. W/20 Cumberland St.

The ultimate go-to for any raw vegan, Rawlicious' Entree menu caps at $15, and is full of yummy food options that you can feel good about.



965 Bloor St W

This is the perfect spot for you late night eaters. Disgraceland may not actually be a vegan restaurant, but there is a vegan alternative to almost everything on their menu, and it'll rarely cost you more than $10. Their kitchen is also open until 2am, so you know where you're heading next time you're drunk and hungry after a party.



109 McCaul St, Suite 32

Tucked away near the AGO, Karine's provides delicious vegan all-day breakfast options (although you can also get bacon and eggs upon request), who's prices typically cap at about $11.



504 Adelaide St W

A fantastic vegetarian diner with a plethora of vegan options, Sadie's is also price conscious, and you'll be hard pressed to find a meal option that costs over $13.


Photo cred - Camros


25 Hayden St

Camros has been providing organic vegan eats for a while now, and they're good at it too. You can get a 4 item combo for just $15, and good luck not being satisfied after that!


Hogtown Vegan

1056 Bloor Street W

Not everything on their menu is cheap, but you can easily get a sandwich that suits your liking for anywhere between $10 and $12. Hogtown prides itself in providing comfort food for the conscious eater, and for that they should not be missed.


One Love

854 Bathurst St

One Love's been around for a while, providing love and vegetarian Jamaican food options to the Annex community. Many of their dishes are vegan friendly, and most of them are under $11.



238 Augusta Ave

At Hibiscus, you can get a hearty, delicious, savory crepe lunch for a little over $10, but what they're really known for is their soup and salad combos, which are delicious and extremely affordable.


Hot Yam

Cumberland House (33 St. George St)

The ultimate go-to for any vegan on a budget, Hot Yam is a lunch event held every Wednesday at U of T's Cumberland House, where everyone gets a meal for just $4. How's that for cheap eats?


Photo cred - Gabriel Mansour

Buddha's Vegetarian Foods

666 Dundas St W

Buddha's is a fantastic Hong Kong style vegetarian/vegan food spot that provides you with ginormous servings for not much more than $10.

Photo cred - Udupi Palace

Udupi Palace

1460 Gerrard St E

An all-Indian, all-vegetarian restaurant located in Little India, Udupi prides itself in providing plenty of vegan, gluten free, and jain friendly options, which is dope. What's even more dope is that everything on their menu ranges from $3 to $10.



586 College St.

Utopia is all about affordable, healthy eats, and in their menu you'll find a variety of vegan and gluten free options that are not only delicious, they won't cost you more than $12.