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15 Reasons Toronto Is Better Than Any City In The World

If you are a tourist, out of towner, or a local Torontonian - it'll only take one trip to the city to be clear as to why Toronto is the place to be. From Drake putting the 6 on the map, Toronto has been oozing with vibrancy. 

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There are exciting things to do around each corner. Regardless of what season it is, Toronto always has something going on. 

1. Nightclubs that will make you feel bad and boujee 

On any given night in Toronto, the club scene does not disappoint. Major Key Alert: if you are looking to run into some celebrities, generally after a huge concert at the Air Canada Centre, the artist performing usually heads over to Lost and Found after their show. 

2. A neighborhood that brings all your wildest imaginations to life like Kensington Market. 

This multicultural neighborhood is a hipsters dream. This safe haven has it all, from vegan food to multiple old school vintage shops that sell amazing tapestries, to the most instagrammable stores with bright vibrant colors.

3. Pride parades so epic that even our Prime Minister is in attendance

Regardless if you are apart of the LGBT community or just a supporter, Toronto’s Annual Pride Parade is the place to be. Where people of all ages can come together and just rejoice. The streets are filled with rainbows and it is truly a beautiful sight to see. You won’t want to miss it.

4. Patio szn for all your summer hangouts 

As soon as restaurants begin to open up their patios after a brutal winter, you know summer has arrived! If you're looking to just catch up with some friends, or even a good night out, head over to The Porch, Drake Sky Yard, Gusto 101 and so much more! With a great view of the city and an assortment of food selections, patios are a must for ever summer outing.

5. Endless amount of watering holes to quench your thirst all over the city

If you happen to find yourself in Little Italy, definitely head over to Eat My Martini. They have over hundreds of drinks to choose from and friendly staff that makes the overall atmosphere extremely inviting. If you're looking for a place to get cheap drinks before a night out with your friends, Eat My Martini has a wide selection of $4 drinks.

6. Breathtaking waterfront spots like Sugar Beach 

Do you feel like you have spent too much time in the city? Do you need a small getaway? Toronto’s first man-made beach, Sugar Beach, is the place to go. The warm sand between your toes and the gorgeous water will make you forget that you're even in a huge city. The pink umbrellas are an Instagram staple.

7. Hidden bars that will make you feel elite AF

If you are really trying to impress a date or some friends, taking them to one of Toronto’s hidden bars.It may take some last minute scavenging to find the location and the secret password to get in, but it will all be worth it once you are inside. Particularly, the infamous “Pablo Loves You” sign resides inside of Escobar, which is hidden on the second floor of Baro.

8. Landmarks to take you all the way up! 

VIEWS VIEWS VIEWS!!! Although it may be difficult to find Drake just sitting on top of the CN Tower, but the CN Tower Edge Walk is an experience of a lifetime. If you are a thrill seeker and don't want to travel to another city to go to an amusement park to get your fix, head on over to one of Toronto famous landmarks, the CN Tower. As of the past few years, they now allow small groups of people to walk around the 360 Restaurant.

9. A beautiful downtown core complete with the amazing Nathan Phillips Square 

A true Toronto staple. The perfect spot for family, friends, children, even to bring a date. With amazing music playing in the background. Also going skating at Nathan Phillips Square is a memory everyone needs to have, at least once in their life!

10.  Endless spots to take instas that will make everyone on your feed jealous 

Do you want to step up your Instagram game? Need some colour on your, otherwise boring feed? Head over to Graffiti Alley!

11. Toronto is so great that it's home to Drake's only restaurant in the world!

Possibly the most instagrammed sign in Toronto. The restaurant, Fring’s, deserves all the praise it gets for its unique food and drink menu. The atmosphere is impeccable with enormous furry chairs and a DJ playing top 40 every night. Heading over to the restroom, you get to choose from “6 God” or “6 Goddess”. Before you leave, make sure you get a picture in front of the “6 on a wave” sign. If you're lucky you might even get the chance to run into Drake

12. Unique spots like Her Majesty's Pleasure where you can get your drink on AND get your nails did 

Where else have you seen a one stop shop for a girls getaway quite like this? Her Majesty's Pleasure is on King St. so as you're getting pampered you can still see the crazy city life through the large window. A gorgeous location and just as beautiful on the inside. With a large selection of drinks and nail polishes. This place will definitely make you feel like you are a Real Housewife of Toronto. 

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13. Brunch that looks just as good as it tastes like Colette 

Toronto is the place to be on a Sunday morning. With an endless amount of brunch opportunities, all catering towards your needs. Whether you are gluten free, dairy free, etc. There is a brunch place that fits all your dietary needs and your aesthetic needs as well!

14. Endless amount of rainbow food to make you feel like a unicorn 

CutiePie Cupcakes is known for all things colourful and magical. This little niche bakery features unicorn desserts that are exciting for all age groups and super on trend right now!

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15. A contagious city spirit 

Regardless if you're from surrounding cities or Toronto itself, everyone loves to rep the 6. From amazing celebrities that Toronto has produced to the immense amount of passion that the city exudes.

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