Moving in with a stranger into a dorm room can be daunting, but most of the time it always works out for the best with you gaining a new friend for life! Though, there are the select situations where people come out with some pretty insane room mate stories from first year. These are some red flags that prove that your room mate probably is the psychopath you think they are! 

1. They're passive aggressive. 

This is honestly just the worst in general, but I'd be concerned if their passive aggressive behaviour gets ridiculously extreme.

2. They expect way too much. 

Living with a stranger is all about compromise, and if they are expecting you to be completely dead silent for their questionable 6pm bed time, be weary.

3. They steal/use your stuff behind your back.

This is seriously suss especially if you confront them about it and they continue to do it.

4. They don't talk to you at all. 

Like dead silent, not a peep. Not only is it crazy awkward but completely abnormal- at least say hi!

5. They have 400 personalities. 

With you they act one way, with someone else they act the complete opposite and they change depending on every person they hang out with!

6. They're either really happy or miserable, there's no in between. 

Whether they are absolutely livid because they spilt coffee on the ground or creepily happy for zero reason, it can be uncomfortable to live with someone who seems to only know two personality extremes.

7. They're friends are the same, if not even worse. 

Especially when they come over to your dorm to all hang out.

8. They're super possessive over their stuff. 

Not that you are interested in their sweater anyways, but they're unwarranted cut eye if you even glance at it is so weird.

9. They're obsessed with you/what you are doing. 

Where you're going, who you are going out with, why you are going without them, it's like 21 questions whenever you try to get out the door!

10. They start copying everything you do. 

Wearing a baseball cap the day after you do is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the roomie who changes her entire wardrobe to your taste overnight and is starting to look like your mini-me.

11. They're possessive over you. 

Room mates don't have to be the best of friends all the time but it's definitely a stereotype. Though that doesn't excuse the fact that your room mate is a stage 5 clinger and refuses to let you leave your dorm without her by your side.

12. They've got a weird hang up over your significant other. 

If all your friends like your significant other and your roomie has an unwarranted hang up over them, be concerned because she may not have your best interests at heart.

13. They don't understand "alone time."

If your room mate can't leave you alone for enough time to binge watch at least 2 episodes of The Office, she's got attachment issues.

14. They're super secretive about their life. 

Whether it's evading questions about life back home or even being super secretive about what they do between classes or at night, that's some serious suspicious activity.

15. Their side of the room is an absolute pig sty. 

Like I'm talking piles and piles of clothes, 2 week old uber eats bags everywhere, the whole nine yards. Don't trust anyone who can live in that level of filth!